BEST Lego Table for Adults 2021

Best Lego Table for Adults in 2021

Read on to find out about the best Lego table for adults and how you can transform the Nilo board Gaming Tables and Lego Tables, using our double-sided large Lego base plates. 

Learning and personal growth are life-long processes.

Building with Legos, as an adult, has several benefits, including:

  • Boosting mental health, by lowering stress levels
  • Improving brain functionality through sustaining focus
  • Allowing for creativity, experimentation and problem solving
  • Enhancing communication and teamwork skills 
  • Maintaining fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Encouraging patience and mindfulness

So why would I need a Lego table?

It is important to build regularly to reap the many rewards constructing Lego offers. Yet that poses the question of “where should I do it…?”  

You could go old-school and get down on the floor, but that presents a number of issues. 

Firstly, the journey down there and back again can be more challenging for some of us. It is also not practical to take up space in the middle of the room, particularly if there is the risk of children and/or pets not looking where they are going. 

An injured adult Lego character that stepped onto Lego bricks and got injured. A Lego cleaner is going to pick the Lego bricks off of the ground for safety.

And last but not least, if you’ve ever stood on a stray Lego brick (we feel your pain!) then you know that building on the floor is not the best idea. 

Of course, there are the kitchen or dining room tables, but these don’t offer perfect solutions. You will constantly have to move your projects on and off the table, meaning you could lose bricks or, worse still, accidentally break what you are building!

How can Nilo help?

Nilo has a range of versatile, high quality hardwood tables for all your Lego, puzzle or gaming needs.

The Nilo Multi-Activity Tables are available in two sizes; there’s the large Lego table (an ideal Lego table for adults or Lego table for older kids) or the small Lego table, which is a great Lego table for older kids. Both are sold with the 19’’ standard legs. The good news is you can order different leg sizes (24’’ and 30’’ Leg Sets are available), so your Lego Duplo table can be used by all members of the family!

The Nilo Gamer Table is designed specifically for adults, is 30″ high, and seats six. It comes with a soft roll-out felt table topper, so that you can use it for other games, puzzles, and activities too. You can even cover it with the all-new Nilo Dining Topper for regular dining table use or to cover up your puzzle, game, or other activity for later (who likes a pet ruining their puzzle after long and hard work)!

Our double-sided, large Lego base plates are designed to fit snug on the tables, meaning that you have the ideal surface on which to build. They are versatile as they are both Lego and Duplo compatible, meaning that you can transform your adult Lego table into a Duplo table for toddlers if you wish!

The large Lego base plates come in two colors; there’s the green Lego base plates and the blue Lego base plates– which you can mix and match, so you have the perfect Lego Duplo table for you and your family. 

You can rest assured that our large Lego base plates are the best on the market. They are semi-rigid and have some weight to them – which means they are very stable. Made in the USA, they are injected plastic, not pressure or silicone formed, unlike many other Lego base plates out there.

Surprised cats that walked on and destroyed a puzzle. This is why a Nilo Lego table is the best Lego table for adults.

And what happens when you need to leave your Lego project, and your cat decides to take over from where you left off?

Don’t worry – we have thought of that too!

The Dining Topper is designed to cover things up, so you can come back to them in their uninterrupted state later. It also converts the table into a dining or coffee table, ideal for when you need to take a break. 

Height Matters

Play is essential in developing social interaction skills. The Nilo Activity Tables are great for younger members of the family too, as they are at the correct height for them to be able to engage with activities and with one another. 

As we know, play is not just for children. There are huge benefits for adults engaging in playful activities, either with children or with other adults. For example, maintaining healthy brain function and hand-eye coordination skills, particularly as we age. 

Unlike other brands, Nilo’s Multi-Activity Tables have the option of differing leg lengths, making play a truly inclusive, social activity for your whole family! Your Lego building table for adults can easily transform into a Lego table for teenagers or kids.

What about storage?

Modern life is busy, so you want simple solutions that are going to make the day to day run more smoothly for you. 

Pieces of Lego have a habit of ending up in unexpected (and sometimes painful!) places. This is why Nilo has come up with a Lego table with storage for adults. The Roll Out Storage Bin is made specifically to fit neatly under the Multi-Activity Tables. You have the option of buying a caddy too, to keep things extra organized.  

If you have children, the Nilo Multi-Use Toy Chest is a good option for you with your lego table for older kids or lego table for adults. It fits under the large Multi-Activity Table and doubles up as an extra surface as well, as the Lego Duplo base plates can be placed on top. 

Finishing Touches:

Nilo’s products are versatile, highly functional and can be made bespoke to your needs by adding any of the following accessories:

  • Custom-made Nilo Cup Holders or Wine Glass Holders can be attached to any of the tables, so you do not have to worry about accidental spillages.
  • The Roll-Out Felt Table Topper has a top-quality non-slip rubber backing, giving a luxurious feel to any of Nilo’s gaming table. It also protects the tabletop surface, makes picking up cards and pieces easier and also reduces the noise of any gaming or puzzle pieces hitting the table.
  • The Nilo Flip Shelf provides a flat shelf on one side, and three trays for you to put any gaming or puzzle pieces plus a card holder on the other. The card holder is also curved for privacy; Who wants their fellow game players to see their hand of cards!?
  • Nilo Double-sided Lego Duplo base plates fit snug on the large play table, small play table and Nilo Gamer Table. These large Lego base plates are perfect for your Lego building needs!
  • Done playing or need a place to eat? The Nilo Dining Topper is the perfect option to convert your play table or gaming table into a dining table or coffee table. Check it out by clicking here.

How do I transform my Lego experience?

Click here to access everything you need for the best Lego experience.

Nilo’s multi-purpose products are of the highest quality and will be the perfect way to keep your home neat and tidy. 

Both our small and Large play tables are made of solid wood and have cleanable, double-sided tabletops. Our Gamer Table and Master Table are also solid wood and built to last! 

Contact us to find out more about our great products, by clicking here.  

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