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What Is Ecological Forestry and Why Is It Important?

You might be asking: What is ecological forestry and why is it important? After all, trees are a renewable resource and are environmentally friendly. Here are some of the main points to remember. Despite its name, ecological forestry isn’t just about planting trees, it is also important to utilize this method to help the environment by using trees. Here at Nilo, we value the importance of the environment and sustainable ecosystems. Read on for more.

The importance of Ecological Forestry

Ecological forestry has become an increasingly popular form of forestry, with more than five million acres now certified by the FSC and more than 5,043 companies involved. However, the term itself is not widely understood in the United States, largely because it has no precise definition and is often misinterpreted. In practice, this form of forestry is a relatively simple approach that benefits many people. Nonetheless, it is critical to remember that the principles behind ecological forestry go beyond reducing carbon emissions in forests.

As a result of ecological forestry, individual landowners and other forests can provide a sustainable source of timber and help restore ecosystem functions, including connectivity across the forested landscape. In addition to providing a source of timber, eco-forestry strategies help landowners and others manage their forests for multiple benefits, including improved tree growth and structural complexity, the provision of good habitat, and a reduction of potential fires and biotic agents.

Forests also support a huge variety of species. The world’s forests contain about eighty percent of the total species that live on Earth. Trees are the home of many mammals, birds, and amphibians. They also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In order to achieve these goals, ecological forestry must be integrated into existing silvicultural practices and knowledge of forested ecosystems.

Is Wood a Renewable Resource?

Wood comes from forests, and the use of timber has been associated with deforestation, the destruction of habitats and ecosystems. However, while the use of wood for construction is not immediately associated with environmental issues, it is increasingly seen as a green option as it is in fact a renewable resource. That’s where ecological forestry comes into play – planting more trees than those that are cut.

Additionally, compared to other building materials, wood stores carbon while also producing oxygen. The production of other manmade materials requires fossil fuels and emissions that contribute to pollution and are generally bad for the environment.

How is Nilo Involved in Helping the Environment?

Nilo products are sourced from a protected forest where they plant more trees than they grow – ecological forestry! This means that we’re constantly helping decrease carbon levels in the atmosphere and increasing the number of trees that produce oxygen. When you buy a Nilo table, you’re helping reduce carbon emissions and promoting environmentally friendly methods that will continue to help the world be a healthier and better place!

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