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Large Nilo® Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table (With Accessory Holes)

(74 customer reviews)

“The table is the best purchase ever! The kids use it for everything…especially Legos, plus it can convert into a coffee table to save space!” – Martha

Works great as a Lego table, train table, homeschool table, activity table, coffee table & more!

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Large Nilo® Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table (With Accessory Holes)

(74 customer reviews)

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Product Description

Kids Large Activity Table

Activity Table Features:

  • Large Play Area: 32″ W x 48″ L
  • Recessed Tabletop: 1 1/4″ deep | 19″ to tabletop surface from floor.
  • This table comes WITH accessory holes.
  • Converts into a Lego & Duplo table with removable Nilo 2-sided baseplates.
  • Transforms into a coffee table with the Nilo Dining Topper Add-on.
  • Thick solid hardwood frame proven to last generations.
  • All-Natural protective finish that is Kid Safe and Non-Toxic as well as Hypoallergenic!
  • 2-Sided White Tabletop – the perfect Easy to Clean surface for toys and activities.
  • Single-piece tabletop (not split like others) for stability and sturdiness.
  • Longer Leg Kits are available as an add-on so the table can grow with your child!
  • Half the table is made in the USA!
  • Matching Storage & Seating options also available.
  • Cup Holders

    Nilo Cup Holders are perfect to keep your drinks off of the table to prevent spills and provide more tabletop room for gaming!

    Wine Glass Holders

    Feeling classy? The Nilo wine glass holders are for you.

    Flip Shelf

    The Nilo flip shelf consists of three trays that hold your bits and pieces off of the table & two curved cardholder slots that even hide your cards from competitors with the curved slots! Also flips over to use a flat shelf surface. Three-in-one use!

    Felt Gaming Table Topper

    The Nilo Gaming Mat features a soft, quality gaming surface to improve your game playing and puzzle building experience. Also features a nonslip neoprene rubber backing! Fits snug within the vaulted tabletop area. Takes your game night to the next level! WE ONLY OFFER A LIGHT GRAY COLOR FELT MAT.

    Graphic Mat

    The Nilo Graphic Mat is great for kids to play on, use building bricks, use toy cars, and more! Fits the Nilo Gamer table and large children’s play table.

    Dining Top Holder

    Nilo Dining Top Holder  is perfect to keep your Dining Top leafs stored but also to store all of your other accessories…Drink Holders, Cup Holders, Moderator Shelf, Flip Shelf, etc.! We have both Clear Coat and Dark Walnut. Felt lined, it protects your leafs as well!

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With Accessory Holes in Framing: The holes in the framing of our activity tables for kids allow for awesome play-to-learn accessories that are both educational and fun.

Some accessories that utilize the holes are the dual purpose Slide Hammer ’N Nails Set which work with Zoob construction toys. This set includes a durable kid-friendly slide hammer and 12 plastic stackable child-safe nails, offering a fun and educational experience for young builders while also teaching practical skills for real-life DIY projects.

Enjoy toy train or car tracks? Then Nilo-Jax are for you! This extreme trestle set is great for wooden trains and other toy train or track sets, Rok-Jax & Rokenbok use, Fiddlestix, and other toy uses for imaginative play! Click here to check out all Nilo Accessories!

Without Accessory Holes in Framing: Basically, a cleaner design, not having accessory holes in the outer framing of the table. Please note that while using this product, you may not be able to engage in other exciting play table activities listed above.

Either way, you're purchasing the absolute best quality activity table for your child.


large kids activity table lego table duplo table

Nilo activity play tables can convert into Lego compatible and Duplo compatible tables by adding the removable Large Nilo Double-sided Baseplates.

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between Duplo blocks and Lego bricks with our double-sided baseplates!

You get double the fun and value as one side is compatible with Duplo studs while the other side is designed for Lego. Not only does this mean you can build with both types of blocks seamlessly, but you'll also save big bucks in the long run since you won't have to buy separate baseplates.

Now that's what we call a win-win situation!

Plus, enjoy hassle-free cleaning and non-stop building fun with Nilo baseplates!

Our innovative design allows for easy removal of the baseplates so you can keep your play table squeaky clean without any fuss.

But wait, there's more!

Unlike other tables with a permanent top, our baseplates give you the freedom to remove your ongoing brick projects and come back to them later.

Whether you're building a magnificent castle or a towering skyscraper, with Nilo baseplates, the possibilities are endless!

Click here to view Nilo double-sided baseplate options.

nilo table, play table, lego table, duplo table, lego, duplo, activity table, kids product Choosing the perfect activity table for your little ones can be a daunting task, but fear not!...Nilo® is here to make your decision a no-brainer.

As the pioneers in the world of multi-use tables for children, our compatibility with Lego and Duplo blocks, wooden train sets, and other popular toys is unmatched.

Our tables are not just a place to play, they are a platform for endless creativity and exploration, making them the ideal addition to any child's playroom.

And with over 30 years of experience under our belt, it's no wonder why Nilo® remains the leader in the game.

Trust us, your kids (and your wallet) will thank you for choosing a Nilo® activity table, especially in the long run!

Kids Activity Table Appearance

Say goodbye to boring and bulky play tables and hello to the ultimate blend of style and functionality!

Our design is so timeless and clean, you'd mistake it for a piece of high-quality furniture (which, let's be real, it totally is!).

Whether you're hosting a tea party or building a mini metropolis, our table seamlessly blends into any room's decor, making it the perfect addition to your home, daycare, or schoolroom.

With our table, playtime has never looked so good!

At Nilo, we take design seriously, and that's why all of our tables are crafted with natural hardwood and a strong, clear coat finish that gives them a touch of elegance.

And let's not forget about our logo!

We didn't just stamp it on or slap on a sticker like the other guys - we went the extra mile and carved it into the wood, then painted it to perfection.

It may have cost us a bit more, but we know it's worth it for that added touch of grace.

Because let's be honest, who doesn't love a little extra pizzazz in their playroom?

Nilo’s Kids Activity Table Features

Recessed Tabletop

First, our activity table boasts perfectly sized raised borders that keep manipulatives on the table and off the floor.

No more painful encounters with tiny Legos or train tracks hiding underfoot.

We've thought of everything, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Let the fun and games continue without the mess!

The raised border is also the perfect height for wooden trains.

With a track thickness of 1/2 inch and table borders standing tall at 1 1/4 inches, you can enjoy a raised border of 3/4 inch when placing your wooden track on the table. This makes it an excellent choice for a wooden train table.

No more awkward bending or leaning to reach your tracks - we've got your back (and your trains!) with our perfectly designed table. Hop on and let the fun ride!

We've done our homework, and we know what makes the perfect table height! After all, who wants to play on a surface that's too low or too high?

Not us!

That's why we've settled on the sweet spot of 1 1/4 inches for our borders.

We've seen other tables out there with measly 1/2 inch or towering 2 1/2 inch borders, but we're confident that our height is just right.

It's the Goldilocks of table borders - not too low, not too high, but just perfect.

Trust us, your kids will thank you for choosing a table that's just right for their playtime needs!

Construction & Materials

Table Frame

This Nilo activity table is made of solid hardwood with a dado in the frame (which sandwiches the tabletop for added strength), solid “L” shaped legs, and 1/4″ bolts with 6mm corner screws to hold this baby together…for life!

Nilo tables are proven to last for generations, literally...

We have customers that have had their Nilo activity tables for over 25 years and now use it as a dining table with the 30" Nilo table leg extension kit and dining topper add-ons. How's that for long lasting?


Our childrens activity tables come with the best multi-use building surface for an activity table for kids; We chose to include a two-sided tabletop.

Damage or stain one side?

Not to worry, simply disassemble one end of the table, slide out the top, flip it over, and bingo.. you have a new tabletop again!

Tabletop Height

The height of our table is 19″ to tabletop; This is also ideal.

Most tables are TOO LOW to the ground…your child will outgrow these tables within 2-3 years.

We offer longer activity table leg sets!

Compatible with Lego bricks & Duplo blocks | Best Table for Legos

We've got something special for all you Lego and Duplo enthusiasts out there!

Our Nilo activity tables aren't just any old tables. Oh no. They're the ultimate Lego and Duplo tables, thanks to our amazing removable Nilo baseplates.

These mats are 2-sided and compatible with both Lego bricks and Duplo blocks, which means you can switch between building with the little blocks and the big blocks without any hassle.

Plus, unlike other tables, you won't be stuck with a stained and grubby baseplate or dirty tabletop surface because the plates are only 2 pounds and are a breeze to remove and clean!

Considering most kids start with big blocks then move on to small blocks, these mats save you money in the long run by not having to buy new plates!

And let's not forget about the table itself - it's top-notch quality and versatility make it the absolute best kids activity table on the market, especially for all you Lego lovers out there.

Coffee Table & Dining Table Conversion Available!

Do you want to save some space and turn your kiddos' play table into a fancy dining or coffee spot?
Well, we've got you covered with the Nilo dining topper!
This magical topper boasts a tongue and groove joint that helps prevent spills or leaks from making their way to the table underneath.
Plus, with toggle latches holding the two topper pieces together, you'll have a sturdy surface that won't budge even when your little ones are being rambunctious (or you're having a wild party).
Say goodbye to sticky, stained tables and hello to a versatile piece of furniture with Nilo Toys' dining topper.
Bon appétit, and happy playing!

Gaming Accessories

Don’t forget to look at our other accessories including but not limited to cup holders, flip shelves, felt gaming/puzzle mats & more!


There isn’t a better-designed, better-made, more versatile compatible Lego Table, Train Table, Kids Activity Table on the planet.

With a flawless design, superior craftsmanship, and unparalleled versatility, this table truly takes the cake (or should we say, the Lego brick?) as the best of the best.

You won't find anything like it anywhere else on the planet.

So why settle for a subpar play table when you can give your kiddos the Nilo Toys experience?

Get ready for hours of endless fun and creativity, and feel good knowing you made the best choice for your family's playtime needs.

Buy yours today! You’ll be glad you did.

Large Activity Table

Looking for a play table set? We’ve got options…

Seating Options

Who says playing can't be ergonomic?

Keep those tiny legs and spines happy for a lifetime of creativity!

The Nilo Stool and Toy Chest for Children let you and your little ones sit comfortably at the activity table.

Sitting with your legs under the activity table is not only comfortable and convenient for adults to be able to join the fun, but also important for your littles' long-term ergonomic health to prevent them from hunching over.

Our products promote a healthy posture!

Toy Storage Options

Need a place to stash your toys? Look no further than Nilo's storage solutions!

Our storage bin, small toy chest, and caddy offer ample space for all types of toys, from large blocks to tiny Lego pieces.

Plus, the Nilo caddy fits snugly in the storage bin, making organization a breeze.

Get your Nilo activity table & storage set today!


If there are any issues with your activity table for kids, we simply replace any needed part; Just send photos of the issue to and we are happy to replace it!

If you want to cancel your order, shipping is expensive and you would be responsible for shipping both ways so please make sure you want to order our activity table.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

One more thing….

If you decide to grab one of our super cool activity tables for your little ones, we'd be over the moon if you spread the word to your awesome squad!

And if you see your kiddos playing non-stop on their new favorite toy, we'd be thrilled if you could drop a sweet comment on our Facebook or Instagram page and tag us in your post!

We're a small, family-owned company based in the USA, and we could totally use your support to let other awesome parents, teachers, and caretakers like you know about our fantastic products.

We can't thank you enough for being awesome and considering helping us grow!

74 reviews for Large Nilo® Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table (With Accessory Holes)

  1. Carter (verified owner)

    This large play table has been sturdy, long-lasting and has been absolutely great for our family. We’ve had it over 10 years and it still functions like new. It’s allowed our family to become closer to each other!

  2. Olivia (verified owner)

    I love that this kids activity table can convert into a coffee table with the dining topper add-on. It’s so convenient for when we have guests over and need to clear some space!

  3. Grayson (verified owner)

    The coffee table conversion is such a unique and practical feature. Love it!

  4. Ella (verified owner)

    The stools and storage options make this table a complete package for any kids’ activity area. We love it!

  5. Little Sprouts Childcare (verified owner)

    This Nilo table was gifted to me somewhere around 10 years ago! Seriously this thing has been PLAYED with thoroughly and you’d never even know. Between all my boys and a childcare business, I can’t help but notice the quality.

    A week ago as a was tightening the bolts and sanitizing, I noticed the Nilo logo and decided to do a quick Google search. To my complete surprise Nilo is still in production AND they have a variety of accessories that go with these tables!

    And HUGE bonus…. MADE IN THE USA!!!

    So after 10 years. I have excitedly ordered the accessories and we will test them out this week. First run, lego reversible mats.

    Seriously……Thank you Nilo Toys for such an *extremely durable* (I’m not kidding. children are rough and this thing has been beat on. climbed on. hit with toy hammers, slept on, you name it, over the course of 10 years and it looks like I was given it yesterday)…..lifetime lasting, American quality made, versatile table!!!

  6. Matt (verified owner)

    This Kids activity table is a must-have for a playroom. Highly recommend!!!

  7. Lucas (verified owner)

    Who says playtime can’t be educational? My kids are learning valuable building and problem-solving skills with the Lego and Duplo baseplates.

  8. Mason (verified owner)

    I love that the baseplates are removable and Lego and Duplo compatible. It’s perfect for my kids’ evolving interests and skill levels.

  9. Adalyn (verified owner)

    It’s built to last and will provide years of fun for my kids. This table is an investment, but so far its’ been well worth it!

  10. Claire (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend the Nilo Kids activity table enough! The hardwood frame is super sturdy and the double-sided tabletop is a lifesaver. Plus, the fact that you can add on longer legs and baseplates means it will grow with your child. Perfect for our growing family!

  11. Aria (verified owner)

    This activity table is worth every penny. Sturdy, durable and great for imaginative play.

  12. Audrey (verified owner)

    The Nilo Kids activity table has made playtime so much more enjoyable for my kids. They love having their own space to play and explore.

  13. Madison (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this kids activity table by Nilo. It’s perfect for families with young children and is so versatile. The fact that it can convert into a coffee table is just the cherry on top!

  14. Ethan (verified owner)

    It’s not just a table, it’s a magical gateway to hours of imagination and fun for my kids. Thank you, Nilo Toys!

  15. Hunter (verified owner)

    The double-sided baseplates have been a huge hit in our household. My kids love building and creating on them, and I love that they are compatible with both Lego and Duplo.

  16. Mia (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d be jealous of my kid’s furniture, but this table is seriously cool.

  17. Sav (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble and the dining topper add-on is perfect to use half as a coffee table and half as an activity table while the kids play. Genius…

  18. Aiden (verified owner)

    I’ve never seen my kids so excited to clean up after playtime thanks to the convenient storage options.

  19. Emma (verified owner)

    The Nilo kids activity table has been a wonderful addition to our home. It’s perfect for playtime, homework, and even family game nights. The hardwood frame is so sturdy, I know it will last for years to come!

  20. Charlotte (verified owner)

    As a parent, I appreciate the durability and longevity of this table. It’s a true investment in our children’s playtime.

  21. Chloe (verified owner)

    My household loves this table. My kids are always coming up with new creations, and I love watching them explore their imaginations!

  22. Wyatt (verified owner)

    As a parent, I am always on the lookout for toys and furniture that will last for more than a few months. This Nilo kids activity table is definitely one of those items. The hardwood frame and double-sided tabletop make it a great investment that will last for years.

  23. Jackson (verified owner)

    Forget the TV, this Nilo kids activity table is the new centerpiece of our family entertainment.

  24. Scarlett (verified owner)

    The fact that this table can convert into a coffee table is just brilliant. It’s so nice to have a piece of furniture that can adapt to our needs and be used in different ways.

  25. Lila (verified owner)

    I was looking for a high-quality kids activity table, and Nilo Toys did not disappoint! The hardwood frame and double-sided tabletop are such great features.

  26. Grace (verified owner)

    The stools are not only functional but also super cute. My kids love sitting on them and playing, and they fit perfectly with the overall design of the table.

  27. Layla (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this kids activity table from Nilo. It’s high-quality, functional, and versatile. A must-have for any family!

  28. Caleb (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to buy a table that my kids would outgrow quickly, but with the longer leg sets, I know that won’t be a problem. It’s great to have a piece of furniture that can grow with them.

  29. Stella (verified owner)

    It’s the perfect size for my little ones, and I love that it’s made from sturdy hardwood. The fact that it has cool storage options is a bonus too!

  30. Anthony (verified owner)

    The fact that this table can convert into a coffee table with the dining topper add-on is just amazing. It’s so versatile and perfect for when we have guests over.

  31. Lincoln (verified owner)

    I never realized how versatile this table would be until we got it. It’s perfect for arts and crafts, building, homework, and even family game nights. We use it all the time!

  32. Elijah (verified owner)

    Nilo Toys really thought of everything with the Lego and Duplo compatible baseplates. The table doubles as a regular activity table or a Large Lego Table. My kids are obsessed!

  33. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Love this table! My kids can’t get enough of it. So versatile and great for all kinds of activities.

  34. Sam (verified owner)

    I appreciate that Nilo Toys thinks about the little details. The fact that the baseplates fit snugly on the tabletop and are removable is a testament to their commitment to quality and functionality.

  35. Caden (verified owner)

    Perfect for arts and crafts, building, homework, and family game nights. So versatile!

  36. Sebastian (verified owner)

    This table has quickly become a favorite in our household. It’s well-made, functional, and beautiful. I would definitely recommend it to any parent looking for a high-quality kids activity table.

  37. Aubrey (verified owner)

    My child loves playing with their Lego and Duplo bricks on this table. Great to have the double-sided baseplates.

  38. Daniel (verified owner)

    This kids activity table by Nilo is a fantastic investment for any family. The hardwood frame is extremely durable and has lasted through years of playtime.

  39. Anthony (verified owner)

    The storage bins and toy chests are a lifesaver for keeping our playroom organized. My kids can easily find and put away their toys, and the toy chests double as a comfortable seating option. I’m happy to say the storage options ahve taught them some organization skills!

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  40. Tina (verified owner)

    we have the large play table with the holes, the stools and the Lego/Duplo baseplates…it is one of my very favorite things we’ve bought over the past few years for our 5 grandchildren, who we watch weekly. It’s so strong and sturdy…my 80lb dog will occasionally jump on it. The holes are fun with the pegs and they fit Tinker Toy sticks too. I expect we’ll have this for years and years

  41. Renee

    Amazing children’s activity table! Our 6 year old son currently uses it as a staging area for his LEGOs. He LOVES it!! The customer service from the minute we purchased the product has been top notch! Highly recommend this product.

  42. Amelia (verified owner)

    The only downside to this table is that my kids never want to leave it. But hey, at least they’re entertained and taking part in play-to-learn activities!

  43. Riley (verified owner)

    I love that this table is not only functional, but also stylish. It’s a great addition to our playroom and fits in perfectly with our decor.

  44. Olivia

    Assembled within about 10 minutes and it feels sturdy as can be. Very excited to start doing some activities!

  45. Adam (verified owner)

    The stools and storage options are perfect for a clutter-free play area.

  46. Sarah (verified owner)

    The stools are a perfect addition to the play table. They are the perfect height for my littles to sit and play comfortably for hours.

  47. Jonathan

    Customer service was very helpful in clarifying some things for me and it arrived within the same week I ordered it

  48. Quinn

    Approximately 12 years ago, we purchased our NILO table and the storage bin.

    Both items still remain in the household, as sturdy as the day they were shipped to us. Both items survived 3 children, their friends, and a few dogs jumping up to steal a snack.

    The table had many uses- it was an art table, a homework table, a Saturday morning cereal eating table.

    Of course, the white top has a few stains on it, signs of use after 12 years. However, it did its purpose above and beyond what we intended it to do. The table is in many pictures of my children growing up.

    If you are in the fence about investing in a NILO, don’t be- it will last! You will get your money’s worth!

  49. Zoey (verified owner)

    The storage bins and toy chests are so convenient for keeping all of my kids’ toys organized. It’s so much easier to clean up after playtime now!

  50. Martha

    The table is the best purchase ever for a child! They use it for everything…especially legos!

  51. Wesley

    I inherited a large activity / train table from a neighbor. The table was covered with paints, sharpie ink and pencil marks. I got the table because my daughter is expecting and I thought it would be a great gift. So I refinished the table and then was looking for accessories. I found the Nilo play mat – great quality, bright graphics and a perfect fit for my table. When that arrived I found out about the Nilo Duplo / Lego bases. I bought four – two blue, two green for land and sea -that again fit the table perfectly. I tried to get my wife to let me order some Duplos so I could play, but she said I had to wait. The Nilo products were great and really added immeasurably to the activity table. Great company with nice folks. Thanks.

  52. Shawna

    Hands down best play table out there! I tell everyone about this table. I can’t stop myself even telling strangers about this table when I see people looking at any type of table for kids. It is by far the best investment that will for sure last a lifetime if you want it to. My son is 10 and still plays on it every day! It is SUPER sturdy. Don’t waste your money buying one of those cheap tables that wiggle and don’t last. You will not be disappointed if you buy this. I can’t say enough about it. When I love something I want everyone to own one and this is one of those things at the very top of my MUST haves! I’m going to purchase the gaming table for our newly finished basement and I’m more excited about this than the basement being finished.

  53. Jennica

    Best play table on the market, seriously. This thing is solid, my legs can fit under it when using the stools which makes it great for playing with my kids. That said, I love that it is ergonomically designed not just so I can sit, but also so my kids don’t have to lean over and stress their back all the time like most other toy tables. Thanks again for a great product!

  54. Logan (verified owner)

    Move over Picasso, my kids have a new favorite canvas with this amazing activity table!

  55. Suzy

    This looks great in our home. It truly looks quality and seems like it will last. Bravo Nilo

  56. Barbara

    I did a lot of online searching. Nilo tables are the best in quality. I wanted to buy something for the kids that would last for many hours years of play. The table top cracked from shipping. I sent an email and received a new one in a few days. I am highly impressed with Nilo’s customer service. I will make future purchases.

  57. Wesley

    I inherited a large activity / train table from a neighbor. The table was covered with paints, sharpie ink and pencil marks. I got the table because my daughter is expecting and I thought it would be a great gift. So I refinished the table and then was looking for accessories. I found the Nilo play mat – great quality, bright graphics and a perfect fit for my table. When that arrived I found out about the Nilo Duplo / Lego bases. I bought four – two blue, two green for land and sea -that again fit the table perfectly. I tried to get my wife to let me order some Duplos so I could play, but she said I had to wait. The Nilo products were great and really added immeasurably to the activity table. Great company with nice folks. Thanks.

  58. Byron

    I’ve had this table for nearly 20 years now and it’s still doing great. From playing with Legos as a child to doing school projects, I can’t believe its’ lasted this long

  59. Kayleigh

    We do all sorts of crafts and it has been great having the recessed tabletop. Also, it’s nice that the table cleans off easily (my kids love spilling art supplies)!

  60. Tiegan

    This is now the center for play in our home. We alternate toys throughout the day and it works absolutely great. Keeps the kids busy and keeps the mess in one area!

  61. Bernard

    Great table, worth the money. My grandson loves it!

  62. Carol

    This table was way easier to assemble than I imagined. That said, it’s still very sturdy! My kids have been playing on it for a few weeks now and they can’t get enough. The Nilo baseplates are a great option that I’d definitely recommend getting. Thanks for making such a great reliable product Nilo!

  63. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely thrilled with this kids table from Nilo! The hardwood frame is so sturdy and durable, I know it will last for a long time like other comments have stated.

  64. Gabriel (verified owner)

    This table is perfect for playtime, homework, and even family game nights. The longer leg sets allow it to grow with my child, making it a great investment for our family.

  65. Harper (verified owner)

    The quality craftsmanship and versatility of this kids table make this table worth the investment.

  66. Joseph (verified owner)

    So happy we got this table for our kids. They love it and it’s been a lifesaver during lockdown.

  67. Isaac (verified owner)

    The fact that this doubles as a kids activity table and can convert into a coffee table is just genius. It’s perfect for when we need to clear some space, and the dining topper add-on makes it so easy to use.

  68. Emily (verified owner)

    I love the versatility of this table. The double-sided tabletop makes is great to know that I can simply flip it over if it gets dirty or damaged.

  69. Richard (verified owner)

    The stools are the perfect height for my little ones to sit and play comfortably for hours, and even us grandparents can sit with our legs under the table to join the fun. You simply can’t do this with other play tables! It’s so nice to have seating options that are specifically designed for this table.

  70. Dylan (verified owner)

    The storage bins and toy chests are a lifesaver. I don’t know how we managed without them before. It’s so much easier to keep our playroom organized now.

  71. Isabella (verified owner)

    The longer leg sets are such a great feature of this table. I love that it can grow with my child and be adjusted to their height as they get older.

  72. Caroline (verified owner)

    The double-sided baseplates are so cool! My kids love building their Lego and Duplo creations on them. Plus, the fact that they fit snug on the tabletop and are removable to clean is a great feature. Our old table with Lego studs got so dirty it was seriously unhealthy!

  73. Abigail (verified owner)

    I don’t normally write reviews, but this kids activity table has quickly become a favorite in our household. Highly recommend!

  74. Aurora (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my purchase of the Nilo Kids activity table! It’s the perfect centerpiece for my kids’ playroom and has kept them entertained for hours on end. I finally get a break as a parent!

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