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We would like to share with you why our Nilo Activity Table (Compatible as Lego Duplo Table) & Accessories are the BOMB when it comes to play tables for Lego use, Duplo use and other things. Check out why we think our Lego Duplo table is the best below:

Nilo table (compatible as Lego Duplo Table) Construction and Design

CONSTRUCTION: Nilo tables compatible as Lego Duplo Tables are made of solid hardwood and a thick multi-use melamine table top for ROCK SOLID CONSTRUCTION! We have customers that bought our tables back in 1992 and still have them in action today! How’s that for quality.

ERGONOMIC: We designed our table’s to be the PERFECT HEIGHT, 19” to the table top surface. This allows your child to be comfortably seated with their legs under the table while at play! We also offer longer leg kits so your table can grow as your child grows! Both 24” and 30” Leg Sets are available.

CREATIVITY: The RAISED BORDER is ideal to keep manipulatives, Lego Blocks, Duplo Blocks on the table while at play! Its 1 1/4”, which we feel is the absolute best height for this purpose. Our super cool “Puzzle Fit Corners” make it a breeze to assemble! And, they look really great, too! We also provide a straight allen tool to allow for the use of a drill making assembly quick and easy.

VERSATILITY: Not only are our tables high quality, but also extremely versatile. You can use the white double-sided easy-to-clean tabletop for all sorts of activities, cover it with our Nilo double-sided baseplates compatible as Lego Duplo Base Plates, utilize our other table-specific Accessories, or even cover the play table with the all new Nilo Dining Topper (compatible with Large Play Table) to make a coffee table out of it; Perfect for playrooms, living rooms, and more!

Lego Duplo use on our Nilo Multi-Use Tables

For Lego use and Duplo use we have our Nilo double-sided baseplates compatible as Lego Duplo base plates. These are huge 12” x 32” semi-rigid panels which feature true Lego use on one side….and true Duplo use on the other side! This way, you are getting both uses for less that the cost of having to buy both plates from another brand!

Here’s the benefits of having a table that is compatible as a Lego Table that uses Base plates instead of having a permanent tabletop that is Lego and/or Duplo compatible: The Nilo tabletop is white, multi-use melamine, the best surface for play value! Easy to clean. Durable. Great for virtually any sort of use short of sand and water. You then place our Nilo baseplates (compatible as Lego Duplo Base plates) on top of the melamine to play with either the Lego side or the Duplo side.

You can start a Lego project or Duplo project on the baseplate, then remove the Nilo baseplate compatible as Lego Duplo base plate/project from the table and use the table for another activity. Later, you can then grab that same Lego Duplo base plate/project and put it back on the table and continue building!

With other tables, the entire tabletop is strictly a Lego surface, there isn’t another use for the table! And, building duplo blocks on a Lego surface is simply not fun! You must have a Duplo surface for Duplo play!

Finally, you are able to wash Nilo baseplates compatible as Lego Duplo base plates very easily in the sink! How would you do that with a large tabletop design? You really couldn’t. We currently offer our Nilo baseplates compatible as Lego Duplo Base plates in both Green and Blue.

Small Nilo Activity Table

Nilo Building Block Table (Compatible as Lego Table) Height Options

As mentioned above, our standard table leg height is 18.5″, and 19″ to the tabletop surface. We offer two play table sizes, Large and Small. Two Nilo baseplates fill the small table and four baseplates fill the large play table.

Both sized tables are offered either WITH holes in framing for Accessory use, or WITHOUT holes in framing for accessories.

The Large Play Table has a 32” x 48” play area while the Small Play Table has a 24” x 32” play area. Just decide if you want the HOLES to allow for the use of some awesome Nilo accessories.

Nilo has been producing these exact tables since 1992! There simply isn’t a better designed table for Lego use, Duplo use or any other kids activity use such as Puzzles, Play-Doh, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Playmobile, Hotwheels, Wooden Trains, Crafts or even doing homework!

We think you’ll find our Nilo table (compatible as a Lego Table, Duplo Table, Multi-Use Table) to be the BOMB. Get one…..or five today by clicking the button below!

“Buy once, Buy right, Buy Nilo!”

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Large Nilo® Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table NO HOLES

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Large Nilo® Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table (With Accessory Holes)

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Small Nilo® Toddler Activity Table (With Accessory Holes)

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Small Nilo® Toddler Activity Table with Green Baseplates NO HOLES

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Small Nilo® Toddler Activity Table

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Small Nilo® Toddler Activity Table with Green Baseplates (With Accessory Holes)

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What our customers say:


"I ordered and then some one called to check on correct address, said they would send it right away. I received it with in the week. So thank you!"


"High quality construction, easy but sturdy assembly, reasonable cost considering the quality level."


"Upon placing our order for some accessories for our table, we spent some time talking with Nilo‘s customer service to arrange for shipping and how we enjoy the product. They were prompt, courteous, professional, and very friendly. We talked about how we enjoy playing with our trains and legos with our kids on our table and how the product quality is outstanding."


"Last year we purchased our grandson-age 2, a table at Phillip's Toys in Nashville, this year we ordered two stools for him, we also got the grid to go with the table. He is very happy, and thus grammie and papa are happy."


"It’s honestly a lot easier then I thought it would be to put together and sturdier then I thought. My two year old walks all over it and sits on the table to play and it shows no indication he’s even on it. No bend, no give. Just SOLID."