We’ve been in business since 1992 selling our tables and products. We have never posted anything in this regard, its never been an issue for us but we’ll mention a few things about this below:

•  We stand behind all our products, replace any defective or missing parts when you receive your item.

•  Should something break on our products we are happy to try to assist you with new parts. You may incur nominal charges for the items and freight cost in these cases.

• Misuse of our products, for example a broken table top a good time after the purchase is not something we would cover.

We have been known to ship an entire new unit at times, no cost, depending on the situation. While no business could stay in business doing this, fortunately it happens so rarely that we sometimes decide to make our customer happy and do just that! Life is short, yes. We basically operate on a sound matter of principal. Our customer reviews, 5 stars should make you feel comfortable about Nilo® Toys and how we do business.


As with warranty issues, we rarely have had to deal with RETURNS. We normally ship the same or next day so it is important that you make sure you are ordering the right item, right color or you will have to pay for said return and freight cost. Should you need to CHANGE YOUR ORDER, or NEED TO RETURN AN ITEM contact us IMMEDIATELY by BOTH PHONE AND ALSO EMAIL (support@nilotoys.com) to potentially avoid or lessen the cost of this to you. We are happy to help you any way we can.

We normally make the Fedex label here, then email it to you to print and apply to the item. You then would provide us with your credit card info, pay for the shipping back to us and we then inspect the goods upon their return to us. Our packaging is designed to get to you, NOT to get to you and then come back to us. As such, it would be suggested that you repackage the item with ample padding so that once it arrives to us it will be in good repair. Should the item be damaged then we cannot issue you a refund so make sure it is packaged well.

Finally, we only issue refunds if product is NOT assembled. Once assembled it becomes used furniture and cannot be resold. So, please pull out all wood, inspect it and then decide.

Our products are known in the industry to be the best. Our quality is unsurpassed. Most of our items will last for generations (literally) so it doesn’t become an issue of if the item will be good enough or not.

Furthermore, our tables and products are found in public libraries, schools and are used as demo tables in over 500 stores in the country…..they’re simply AWESOME! I have personally leaned on some tables out there and they broke so be careful about what you buy. Although you may find a cheaper table it will likely not stand the test of time, certainly not to the extent of Nilo tables! Finally, most other tables are made of particle board, not hardwood like ours. Quality. Versatility. Value. Nilo Toys.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it!

Nile Ernst, CEO

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