Play Table Leg Sets

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  • 18.5" Tall Leg Set for Nilo Table

    Nilo® 18.5″ Leg Set

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  • 30" Tall Leg Set for Nilo Table

    Nilo® 30″ Leg Set (OUT OF STOCK)

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  • 24" Tall Leg Set for Nilo Table

    Nilo® 24″ Leg Set

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Note: Nilo leg sets are available for childrens play tables ONLY

  • BEAUTIFUL WOOD – Our childrens play table leg sets are made of solid hardwood material, not cheaper materials like our competitors
  • OPTIONAL HEIGHTS: Different leg lengths are perfect for raising your childrens play table height as your child grows! Options available are 18.5″ (included with table), 24″ and 30″ leg sets.
  • BETTER THAN PLASTIC RISERS – Risers are ugly and clunky. Treat yourself to these higher quality, professionally finished, hard wood legs and keep the quality look of your childrens play table.
  • Perfect for transforming your childrens play table into coffee table or dining table height.
  • Available in Clear Coat.