Nilo® War Table

A top-quality board gaming table with a 4′ x 6′ playing surface.

  • Nilo War Table
  • Light Grey Roll-Out Game Mat
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Nilo® War Table


Product Description

War Table | 2-in-1 Board Game Table & Dining Table

What’s included?

1x The Nilo War Table – a top-quality board gaming table with a 4′ x 6′ playing area and a fully adjustable vault depth (Dining top sold separately).
1x Roll-Out Felt Topper – a 4′ x 6′ roll-out felt table topper in your color choice of blue or light grey. Perfect for your activity, puzzle, or gaming needs.

Table Dimensions:

War Table Outer Dimensions: 52″ Wide x 76″ Long x 30 1/4″ Tall
Play Area Dimensions: 4′ Wide x 6′ Long
War Table Dining Topper Dimensions: 54″ Wide x 78″ Long x 31″ Tall (31″ to the top off ground). Sold separately.

The Nilo War Table is made of solid hardwood. It can also convert into a dining table with the Large Dining Topper Add-on, which can also be used to cover games, puzzles, or other activities for later.


Adjustable Play Area Depth

This tabletop games table features a fully adjustable vault with four different depth settings; 1″, 2″, 3″ or 4″ recessed to help keep your game or puzzle pieces on the table.
The main difference between this table and the Nilo Master Table aside from it being one foot wider and longer is that the framing under the tabletop is strong boxed aluminum with stainless steel brackets while the Nilo Master Table has wooden framing with stainless steel brackets. The boxed aluminum framing overall makes the tabletop much stronger.
Fortunately, adjusting the vault depth is easy! Four pull-pins (one on each corner) allow for the table vault to be adjustable on the fly; No need to take the table apart!
Need to save your game for later? Lower the vault depth to the desired depth setting to allow for the dining topper to cover your game or other tabletop activity; Perfect for saving space and protecting your game, puzzle, or other activity from pets!

Felt Table Topper

The Nilo Master Table includes a removable roll-out felt board gaming table topper that fits nicely on the recessed tabletop games table surface; Takes your board game experience to the next level! The soft cushioned mat makes picking up cards and other game pieces easy improving overall gameplay.

In addition, the soft surface allows cards to slide nicely across the game table.

The Nilo felt board gaming mat also has a thick neoprene backing, which helps to prevent the felt board gaming table topper from slipping around during gameplay.

Colors available are blue, red, green and light gray.

Dining Topper Add-On (Not Included with the Board Gaming Table)

Need a place to eat?
With the dining topper add-on, you can easily convert your board gaming table into a dining table. The dining topper add-on is the perfect solution if you are looking for a board game dining table!
Also, the dining topper add-on provides a great way to cover and save your game for later.
In fact, the dining topper even features two table topper halves with a tongue & groove joint to help prevent liquid from spilling through.

Accessory Options

We have numerous accessories to improve your gaming experience such as the Nilo flip shelves, cup holders, wine glass holders, and felt table topper add-ons. Read below for more info.

Flip shelf

Need a place to put bits & pieces or even hold cards? The Nilo flip shelf is the perfect addition to your gaming table! Features a flat 12″ x 10″ surface on one side and three 3.5″ x 3.5″ trays plus two long card holder slots on the other side.

Cup Holders

Need a place to put your drink down? Custom Nilo cup holders are the perfect addition to your Nilo table!

Wine Glass Holders

Need a place to put your wine glass down? Then the Nilo wine glass holders are for you!

Dining Top Holder

Nilo Dining Top Holder  is perfect to keep your Dining Top leafs stored but also to store all of your other accessories…Drink Holders, Cup Holders, Moderator Shelf, Flip Shelf, etc.! We have both Clear Coat and Dark Walnut. Felt lined, it protects your leafs as well!

Need help assembling your Board Gaming Table, the Nilo War Table? Click here to watch the assembly video.

You may ask yourself, what is a board game table?

A board gaming table is a multi-use table that provides the perfect playing area made exactly for your gaming needs.

More specifically, the main difference between a typical table and a board gaming table is the recessed play area and felt gaming table topper. The recessed tabletop helps to keep dice, cards, puzzle pieces, and other gaming items on the table.

We offer Dining | Coffee | Playroom | Game tables made from the highest quality materials for your tabletop gaming needs.

All of our products are built with over 30 years of talent, expertise, and excellence.

Get your gaming table today before they’re sold out!


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Weight 32 oz
Wood Color

Dark Walnut, Clear Coat