Large Nilo® Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table

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N51 Childrens Play Table (measures 32″ x 48″ play area, with standard or tall legs.)

Childrens Play Tables with Holes in Framing: Holes in frame are compatible with our Nilo-Jax (Extreme trestle set great for wooden trains and other track sets), Rok-Jax (Rokenbok use) and our Nails also work with Zoob (a construction toy), Fiddlestix, Brio-Mec and other toy uses!

Without Holes in Framing: Basically, a cleaner design, not having holes in the framing.



Ordered with our N51/N51N table this mat is ONLY $25….we insert it into the table top box! Ordered later, separately this mat is $35 plus shipping!

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Product Description

N51 Kids Activity Table Lego Table | Train Table | Childrens Play Table

Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table

Size: The play area inside of the raised borders is 32″ x 48″. Its 19″ to the top of the white table top surface.

• 2 Sizes to choose from
• THICK solid Hardwood Frame
• 2-Sided White Mealmine Top
• Solid Table Top, (not a split top like most other tables)
• Easy to Clean!
• No holes or with holes around frame for added play value! (Check out our Accessories Hammer ‘N Nails, Nilo-Jax, etc.)
• 24″ Leg Kit available as an add-on. Adds years of use for your family!
• Half the table is US Made!• Note, if there is any issue with your table, we simply replace any needed part. Just send us photos of the issue and we are happy to replace it! if you want to cancel your order…shipping is expensive and you would be responsible for shipping both ways so please make sure you want to order our table. We’ve proven our product over the past 27 years, hopefully you will find trust in that…and the wonderful reviews we enjoy reading! Thanks in advance for your consideration!

• Will last for generations!• “Buy once, Buy Right, Buy Nilo®”

Note, the Gallery of photos is provided to show various uses of our table.

Holes or no Holes?

With Holes in Framing:  The original reason for the holes was to hammer in Nails and construct off of the table with a toy called Brio-Mec. Our N99s Slide Hammer ’N Nails allows you to Hit the Nails INTO the table and then Hit them OUT of the table thanks to our dual purpose Slide Hammer design. The holes also interact with our Nilo-Jax (Extreme trestle set great for wooden trains and other track sets), Rok-Jax (Rokenbok use) and our Nails also work with Zoob (a construction toy), Fiddlestix and other toy uses! So if you want to add value to your Nilo table you may want to consider our #1 selling N51 (large full size) table or our N34 (half size table).

Without Holes in Framing: Basically, a cleaner design, not having holes in the framing. Obviously, you lose the ability to do the other activities above. Either way….your purchasing the absolute best quality table for your child!


Why choose an Nilo® Kids Childrens Play Table – Lego Table Train Table

Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table

There are many reasons why Nilo® is the leader in activity tables, Lego tables, Duplo tables, wooden train tables, basically multi-use tables for children. We’ve been selling our incredible tables since 1992!  This is our 26th Year Anniversary! Lets just get right into it!


Our design is timeless, clean, simple. We designed it so it appears like an piece of quality furniture…which it truly is! The Nilo logo is carved into the wood and painted!  It isn’t stamped on, silk screened on, painted on or worse, just a sticker! Nope, I wanted that element to be as graceful as the rest of the table. It cost a bit more but I feel it is worth it. Don’t you?


A few key points here. One, the raised borders are the perfect height, not too low, not too high. As such, they serve to keep manipulative on the table top and off the floor. Second, its the perfect height for wooden train use…the track is 1/2″ thick, our borders are 1 1/4″ high. This allows for 3/4″ of raised border with wooden track being placed on the table. Its therefore excellent to use as an WOODEN TRAIN TABLE. I’ve noticed many tables feature just 1/2″ or 1″ and others feature 2 1/2″ or more!  None of these dimensions are ideal in my opinion. Thus, we feel our 1 1/4″ is the best out there. Its also ideal to use as an LEGO TABLE! Or, DUPLO TABLE, thanks to our wonderful baseplates or Block Mats as we call them. Check out our Block Mats here: Click here. Obviously, our tables are the absolute best KIDS ACTIVITY TABLE there is!

Next, lets talk about how our table is made. Solid hardwood, dado in frame which sandwiches the table top for added strength, solid “L” shaped legs and 1/4″ bolts, 6mm corner screws hold this baby together…for life! Our regular N51 tables come with the best multi-use surface for a play table, namely, melamine. We chose to include a “two sided” top. If one side gets damaged you can disassemble one end of the table, slide out the top, flip it over and bingo, you have a new table top again!

The height of our table is 19″ to table top. This is also ideal. Most tables are TOO LOW to the ground…your child will outgrow these tables within 2-3 years. Also, our table allows seating, your child may sit on our stool or toy chest and have their legs comfortably under the table…SUPER IMPORTANT, DON’T YOU THINK?

We normally included an FREE N65s Graphic Play Mat but at present we are out of them, this table will NOT include it.  See the mat here: Graphic Mat. I would assume once Nilo® is acquired they will bring back the Mat and perhaps include it. As to when…anyone’s guess. Sorry about this news!

Multi-Activity Childrens Play TableFinally, our “with holes in frame” tables features holes around the border for cool activities, like our Slide Hammer ‘N Nails, Nilo-Jax, Rok-Jax, Fiddlestix and Zoobs! Talk about added value! However, since you are looking at our “NO HOLE” table here these things don’t apply to you….I just thought I’d mention them to make sure your ok with your choice of this “NO HOLE” table. We also sell our Block Mats making our tables an Lego Table or Duplo Table. Note, the benefit of our design with our Block Mat use is your child may start an project on our mat sitting on the table, then you may remove the mat with project on it to use the table for another use…then later simply place the Block Mat with project back onto the table top and continue to build! Additionally, you are easily able to wash the Block Mats, clean them since they weigh only 2 pounds. Many Lego tables are permanently attached to the table top…there is no way to wash the Block Mat (base plates).

In summary, there isn’t a better designed, better made, more versatile Lego Table, Train Table Kids Activity Table on the planet! Buy one today! You’ll be glad you did! Check out our 5 star reviews! Tell your neighborhood Specialty Toy Store about us, should they not carry Nilo!

One more thing….should you purchase this table or one of our others, we’d sure appreciate you letting your circle of influence know about your choice!  Should you be ecstatic, once you assemble the table and see your precious little one(s) playing like theres no tomorrow…perhaps you could make a favorable comment on our Facebook page! We’re a small, privately owned U.S. based company and could sure use your help letting others know about us! Thank you in advance for your consideration!

67 reviews for Large Nilo® Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table

  1. Nile


  2. Susan

    I can’t say enough about this table! .. We have had one since our kids were 3 and 5 years old and now it looks like it will go to our grandchildren! I rotated the toys every day and it kept them so entertained, creative and happy! Which made me Happy ! Gave me a chance to have a Mommy break!

  3. Saz

    We bought our Nilo Table more than 10 years ago for my son. It is still with us and is used daily. Great table.

  4. Happy Nana from New England

    Love this table! The kids love this table and it will last for many generations!

  5. Maya

    Very well made long lasting versatile table. My son has used it for the past 4 years and it’s still good as new!

  6. Jason

    This is the best table for these purposes on the market

  7. Sarah

    Phenomenal quality and craftsmanship. We bought this table three years ago for our then 6-year-old son. We also purchased the rolling storage cart for underneath the table. Even though it’s in his bedroom his younger sisters LEGOs or other toys always find their way onto the table for some epic, week-long adventures. When they’ve outgrown it we will stash it away for some new generation down the road 😉 Probably our family’s most widely used and favorite piece of “kid” equipment.

  8. Mary Rynsburger

    We’ve owned the play table for about 8 years, first with the shorter legs then upgraded to the taller legs. Our youngest is 10 and still uses the table on a near daily basis for legos. It’s such a simple but brilliant idea to have the lip around the table to make all the little pieces stay put. The formica surface is so durable and the table is sturdy. I can’t imagine managing those legos (he has thousands of pieces) any other way. The only thing I’d do differently is buy the version without holes. Countless mini legis, beads, craft items, etc. have continually fallen in those holes ofer the years and the only way to easily get them out us to clear off the table (did I mention it’s home to thousands of Legos?) and turn it upside down. Anyway, I highly recommend it, it”s been a very worthwhile purchase and still going strong.

  9. Dee Dee

    We have had our table for at least 3 years now and still love it! We first used it for trains and have now moved on to building Lego sets with it! It is so well built and have been extremely happy with our purchase!

  10. Courtney

    My kids age 5, 3, and 1 all love our Nilo table. We usually have two Lego plates on half of the table and have the other half open to play. This table is wonderful for trains, Legos, play-doh, coloring, Calico critters village and much more. It’s great because they can either stand or sit with the Nilo stools at the table. This table is very well made and seems like it will last a very long time!

  11. yvonne

    Love this table. Have it in urban gray along with the storage bins, caddies, and matching stools. I’ve gotten SO many compliments on how it looks and how it functions.

  12. Jason Miceli

    We got this table for our 2 year old daughter, in addition to the lego/duplo top and the art/theater add on…..she absolutely loves it, plays with it all the time, and its a solid and wonderfully useful addition to her playroom.

  13. Andrea Pivnick

    We have had our table for nine years and it still the perfect table, even as my youngest is beginning to outgrow it.

  14. Johanna

    We bought this table and the two big drawers on wheels to go under it for toy storage. The quality and durability is amazing. Both of my boys play on and around it daily. Over the years, we have purchased Nilo nails and zoobs as a nice addition. This is a high quality table that will last for years!!

  15. Ellen Hoffman

    Excellent sturdy table for all kinds of play. Cleans easily too! Would highly recommend Nilo products

  16. Elizabeth & Don

    We bought this table in 2001, bought the longer legs a few years to accommodate a growing child. That child is now in university and is STILL using the table for a variety of projects. Well done, Nilo!

  17. Nile

    Nicole G. Hello! We LOVE our Nilo table! We received it as a gift from my parents for my son when he was 2, almost 7 years ago! We now have 3 boys and this table and its accessories are the center of their learning and play. There is not a day that goes by that it doesn’t get used. I would love to purchase a storage bench as well as the graphic play mat (we have one now but could use a new one). They both are out of stock, do you know when you will expect those to be restocked? Thank you!

  18. Kurt M (verified owner)

    We bought this last year for our 3 year old grandson and though it cost more than others, it was the only well made and heavy duty table that we could find. He has used it daily with his duplos and Thomas trains and now with a little sister in the family I’m sure it will be center stage in the toy room for years to come.

  19. Tricia Cutcher

    This is the best table ever! My sister actually bought this table for her kids 12 years ago and handed it down to me 2 years ago. It’s still in amazing shape and I’ve been able to add the puppet/easel accessory and Lego boards. My kids love it and the boxes below provide so much storage. We love the Nilo brand!!

  20. Richard P

    Bought this table 2nd hand from someone whose kids had out grown it. So sturdy. The ad says people can stand on it. I can vouch for that! Many times have I stood on it to reach a top bunk. Kids have used and abused it for years. Still standing strong. May be ready for a 3rd owner soon, as my kids are growing up. These days few products are built this sturdily. Proud to have paid a bit more to get a really high quality play table. I can’t guarantee it will keep the kids from strewing lego all over the house. It is a great investment.

  21. Margaret Norman

    I purchased the large table in dark mahogany with French legs with matching toy bench 9 years ago when the first of 8 grandchildren became interested in building with Thomas train tracks. The table has been in continuous use – every weekend and often after school – many times with at least 4 children simultaneously playing on it. The kids have climbed onto it, jumped from it, spilled everything on it (milk, grape juice, ice cream) and it always cleans up. The wooden train track is stained but not the Nilo table top. The kids have managed to wear the finish away in a few spots around the top edge but otherwise this table looks as great now as it did when new. I highly recommend.

  22. Nile

    Robert W., Hi. I purchased a Nilo Activity table with holes 8 years ago. My kids 8 & 10 loves playing on it but would love to have it higher. I see a 24″ leg but are there anything higher like 30″? Thanks.

  23. Rui FENG

    It is the best toy table that I can find for my kids: we can play legos, puzzles, read big maps, atlas, whatever the kids would like to do with it.

  24. Heidi Jones

    These tables are so fantastic, we bought a second after owning the first for 3 years (because we wanted to have two in the playroom). I recommend them whole-heartedly.

  25. Nile

    Lillian R., Hi I am the grandma that purchased white nilo table and bin for my grandaughter still looking for white stools if you found any or white and natural 2 pieces.

    We also purchased from you a complete white set for my other grandaughter and expresso for my grandson under Lauren Hoffman. We are definitely return customers. You have the best quality and table we have ever seen.

    I left a message on the 800 number my friend wants all natural table with or without holes, bin in natural and 1 stool for her grandson. Please advise if you have maybe in storage.

    Thank you again, Lillian Rubino

  26. Sue

    BEST play table in the market. Our son has had his table for three years. We started with Thomas trains and transitioned to arts/ crafts and now he’s into Legos. This table will last a lifetime, worth every penny. You will not be disappointed. We also purchased two bins that roll right underneath the table. Great for story trains, Legos and more!

  27. Patrick

    I was so fortunate to find this table for my special needs nephews. It was the only train table that they could sit at. The height could be adjusted as they grow. Thank you so much Nilo!

  28. Cathy

    When looking for a child’s activity table, my sister suggested looking at Nilo as there was one at a local toy store upon which children crawled all day long… I have never regretted this purchase. We’re approaching 10 years with ours and it gets daily use from 2 very craft-y young girls. I love how stable and durable it is, and most of all how the edges keep Legos, glitter, markers, stamps, glue, drinks, and everything else from hitting the carpet! I love to see my girls working side by side while perched on the Multi-Use Toy Chest, and have 4 stools for the other side and ends. The stools make their way to other parts of the house for all sorts of purposes. I really appreciate how stable and solid they are. Nothing but admiration for this company!

  29. Liz

    We’ve had this table for 4 years – our son is now 5.5 years old, and it is still good as new and used every day! We have the model with the holes around the frame; we have the Nilo Nails to go with it, and our son uses them to connect his Zoobs to – very fun! We also have the Lego base plates, which work great – we used them first for the Duplo Legos, and now for the regular Legos.

  30. Margaret Benton

    We have had this table with the Lego bases for 8 years. It is sturdy and doing well surviving our three children. Highly recommend!!

  31. Ann Hufford

    This is a fabulously well made and great looking table. Have had it for years and look forward to keeping it in the family for years to come!

  32. Elda

    I can’t say enough about this table. It is a sturdy and well made table. My kids truly enjoy playing with their toys, legos, trains… in this table. Best purchase I have ever made. Highly recommend it.

  33. Jonathan C (verified owner)

    Great table for trains, legos, and race tracks. Very sturdy construction. One of the simplest tables I’ve seen and had to assemble.

  34. Allison Barnow

    We have the large and small table. They are both durable and look wonderful. We love Nilo play tables!

  35. Eve

    beautiful!!! great quality and kids love playing on it. Highly recommended!

  36. E. Dale Behner, DDS

    Used in the play area of my dental office, best investment ever… hold up very well to all that kids can think of doing to it!

  37. Karen Hohman

    We bought the large activity table, strorage bins and stools for our grandchildren (3 year old twins and 5 year old). It has been one of the best things we have ever given them. They have used it as a train table, arts and crafts table, Duplo/LEGO Table. We sent the taller legs to them as they got older which has allowed them to continue to use the table as they have grown taller. The storage bins allow them to neatly store things they are not playing with. The quality of the nilo products is impressive. It will definitely get passed down to their younger cousins!

  38. Elaine (verified owner)

    For Christmas 2016 we bought the table, stools and storage caddy’s for my 2 grandchildren. The construction of these products is amazing! They use it every day. We put together puzzles, play with blocks, train tracks and doll houses along with the multitude of other sitting down toys they have. The storage caddys hold all their games, books and videos with ease. I especially like the lip that goes around the table. It holds all the pieces in place while they play. This is a well thought out product made with kids in mind. The craftsmanship reminds me of the ‘good old days’.

  39. Christine Heroy (verified owner)

    I have bought 3 complete table, storage stool sets for myself and grandchildren. These are by far my the sturdiest, most versatile and longest lived tables around. Not one has had any defects or failures. They have all graduated from cars to Duplo to Brio to Lego. Here’s the surprise, I find adults playing with the Brio train at our cottage ALl the time. Add to that the storage and accessibility of all those tiny pieces, there is no choice only Nilo tables! Love them

  40. Lyra (verified owner)

    We bought this last year for Christmas and it’s still going strong! It was very easy to setup and it’s super durable. The kids love to play with the Lego sheets and with the cleared table. They even play under the table. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a play table. No complaints. I thought the kids may get things stuck in the little holes on top of the edges, but nope. They don’t even notice them.

  41. Brandi

    We purchased the large table, in gray, with holes. Currently our son has it set up as a train table with a multi-level train track on it. He plays with this often. The table is amazing quality and has remained looking just like the day we bought it. You can find play tables much cheaper—that is true. We looked at just about every play table on the market. But at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. This table doesn’t have stickers or anything else that will peel off. It doesn’t rock back and forth—even with a toddler bumping into it and crashing trains and cars all over it. I have zero regrets about this purchase and expect it to be one of the rare items that my soon uses for years.

  42. Paul Clement

    Very solid quality. Used for many years with two boys, then resold to someone else.

  43. Mary

    We love this table. We bought it in the espresso color. It’s very well made and the perfect height for activities. We use it for trains, duplo, puzzles, etc. I plan to get stools and rolling bins in the future. My son has had it since he was two and I expect it will last for generations.

  44. Christine Mano

    We have purchased these for each of our families first born grandchild. They are durable, practical and still in use…our oldest grandchild is now 10!!
    Lego’s, coloring, school projects …Quality workmanship. We purchased the stools as well.

  45. Jessie

    Best table!!! My son sits on the table while playing with his trains. It’s so sturdy and well built!!!

  46. Tara Lea Ricksen

    Best Lego Table!

  47. Wanda Wray

    Love this table, also purchased the bins. They are so sturdy and clean up well and have lasted for years. Planning on buying the toy chest to go with table/bins for grandkids.

  48. Eric de Jong

    The highest quality, best value for your money, used it for years then sold it to another couple with young children. Nice to know it didn’t become junk and go to the landfill but instead another child grows up with it.

  49. Barbara Kuyrkendall (verified owner)

    Bought this for one of my grandsons. He loves it. Planning on buying 2 more next xmas.

  50. Kara

    This table is the best! I did lots of research before investing in a table for my kids. I wanted a table with an edge so small pieces wouldn’t fall on the ground. I wanted something sturdy so that it would last for all of my kids to enjoy. I wanted something large enough so that several children could use it at once. I wanted something with storage ability. I wanted something that was a solid color so that the kids could use their imagination to use it for whatever they wanted- not just trains or legos. Our table is used daily. We also have one drawer with organizer. The drawer holds our train tracks, nilo nails and zoob. The organizer holds all of our lego bricks. We just invested in the longer legs to add on at some point. I have a feeling that this table will be one that we always have at our house, no matter what age our kids are.

  51. Katy

    Wonderful table! My kids use the table daily for a number of different activities. The table is very strong and beautifully made. I highly recommend it.

  52. Jennifer

    We’ve had our table for almost a year now and think it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made for our kids. Our extremely energetic three-year-old son uses it every day, for trains, marble runs, play-dough, Legos, drawing, etc. It’s super sturdy even when he climbs up and jumps on it (which we of course try to prevent him from doing, but…he’s fast sometimes…). Our eight-month-old is also pulling up onto it now and gnawing on the sides. We considered other tables from places like Pottery Barn that looked cute, but we were worried about durability and quality of materials (floor models looked obviously banged-up). Nilo’s table gives us peace of mind; we can’t see any damage so far, even from all the rough daily use, and it’s very easy to clean. Other parents who come to our house always comment about how nice the table is. We highly recommend it.

  53. Annmarie

    We bought this table for our son when he was almost 2 to use with his trains as a train table. He then moved on and used it with Duplo and now he’s using it with all his Lego building and he’s 6 years old. This table is a gift that keeps on giving. We look forward to using it for years to come. Bonus is that we’ve never had the dreaded experience of stepping on Legos because they’re all on the table. The stools made for it are just the right size for all of us too.

  54. Casey R

    Very impressed! Shipping was super quick and very reasonable. Excellent customer service when I called with a question. Table is great quality – love that it looks like nicer furniture rather than a toy. Assembly was easy – put it together myself and I’m generally not that handy. Glad I found the website and made the purchase!

  55. Cheryl Tyler

    We’ve had our NILO table for 11 years. It’s still in perfect shape, despite having been played with everyday by our kids and their friends. Not only that, it’s been through an overseas move and three stateside moves. Our big kids (19, 16, 13) still get in there and play with Quardrilla and Rokenbok on it, and our younger kids (8, 6, 4) love to use their Nilo Nails, Lego, Brio and Zoob with it. They also use it as a regular table for arts or games, and I sometimes find barbie and dollhouse villages set up on top or forts under. It’s absolutely versatile in that way. The only thing we’ve had to do in the 11 years we’ve had our NILO table, was get the taller legs!

  56. Robert Emenecker

    This is an excellent product! I purchased this table eight years ago when my son was only three years old. We have since changed the legs to the longer legs and he still makes regular use of the table. These days the table is mostly used for building Lego models. Yesterday, however, on New Year’s Day, we did a family activity and built a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle on the table. There is nothing bad about this product or the company. It is an excellent product that has held up amazingly well under wear and tear from an active energetic boy and his friends. The company has always been responsive to my pre and post-sale questions about the table, accessories, and other products. I would buy again without hesitation!

  57. Amanda Chafin (verified owner)

    Best Lego/train/activity table on the market. We purchased this for our then 2 year old to grow into and it has been used for arts and crafts, climbing on, trains, Legos, etc. It’s extremely sturdy and will last both our boys many years to come!!! We will be purchasing the stools to go with it as we already bought the under table storage caddy’s! The customer service has also been superb from this company.

  58. Julie D

    We bought our table when my son was a baby. He played with train sets for years. As time went on, we added the Lego inserts. We also added the higher legs, which for perspective, a child can sit in a child size chair at it. Now that he’s 13, we built a larger platform with some interior/underneath support. It’s painted and sealed, but you do need to add something under it so it doesn’t slide or warp from weight. He uses Lego train sets, model railroad (the table wasn’t quite large enough to fit the turns on a base set, so we built the platform) and we’ve run Carrera slot car track on it. I’m giving you a business idea here, Niles ;). Even though he is 13, it is still literally played on every single day. He has a PlayStation and such, but still comes back to building on this. I can’t say all his toys have gotten that kind of use.

  59. connie osborn

    Love this product. I’ve bought two of the larger, play tables, one for my daughter and one for myself. And, I’ve bought 2 of the storage-benches. All were well made and sturdy, So far, 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter have not damaged anything!

  60. Randy O.

    Purchased this large table several years ago “unfinished”, meaning no stain. I never got around to staining it myself, but the table has held up and aged beautifully. Kids love it. Also, have 2 rolling bins for underneath and the LEGO mats. Great product.!

  61. Mistie T.

    We purchased the Nilo table when our daughter was 1. She’s now 3 and still uses it everyday for play… from legos to zoob, to theatre with puppets (Theasel). The table is in as good of condition as the day we bought it and will surely be used for many years to come. It’s very functional and looks nice, too. Love all the matching accessories. We have the natural finish and it coordinates well with the other items in our playroom. Couldn’t be happier and highly recommend.

  62. Alex

    I purchased everything available for this table as an add-on, along with this table. All NILO products are of extraordinary quality. We’ve had the stuff for approx five years and it has held up beautifully, having survived six moves and two kids (many nannies) that use the products daily. Its one of my favorite items purchased for the kids to play with. I ended up buying one for my sister’s kids because its really multiuse/multifunction and looks beautiful as a centerpiece in the living room, or any open area. Love it. Thank you for making such a great product!

  63. Jean


    Thank you SO much for getting back to me.

    I will check out the 2 stores closest to me. Hanover and Easton.

    I’m all about the brick and mortar stores : )

    EXACTLY!! I purchased a NILO table for my 2 boys years ago, they are 20 & 18 now. I still have it for when little ones come to our house. I am looking for one for my grandson now! I love love the table and storage bins that fit underneath. Wonderful product!!!

    Thank you again!!


  64. Tamara Hill

    We love our large N51 table. My son plays with it daily. We’ve added the Lego plates so I don’t see him outgrowing it any time soon. I love how sturdy and heavy it is and that I don’t have to worry about him flipping it over on himself. Best play table on the market. Even my 14 year old will play Legos with my 3 year old on this.

  65. Steven Pope (verified owner)

    Bought everything, happy with it all. I got a table chest stools base plates you name it we got it. These are high-quality products that will be in my family for life. Trusted brand. Kids love them.

  66. Erin McDanal

    We bought this through Toys and Co. in Charlotte NC. We have loved using it for my sons trains. He climbs on it so super sturdy and we bought the one with holes so we could build on what we got by adding the theasel and now I see all the other great things too add!! Great sturdy product worth every dime!!

  67. Courtney

    If i could give this table 100 stars I would!
    My son is 20 months old and plays at this table almost all day. We set it up with trucks, trains and building blocks. It stands up to all his play. Its the perfect height and will likely accomodate his play for years to come.
    Its also nice to look at. A beautiful birch wood colour with subtle Nilo branding.
    Well done! Worth every penny.

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