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Small Nilo® Toddler Activity Table with Green Baseplates NO HOLES

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Kids Table •  Nilo Activity Table Compatible with Lego Table Duplo Table • Train Table • Play Table

Dimensions: 25″W x 34″L x 20″H (24″ X 32″ play surface)

Nilo table (compatible with Lego Duplo table) with Holes in Framing: Holes in the Lego Table frame are compatible with our Nilo-Jax (Extreme trestle set great for toy trains, toy cars and other track sets), Rok-Jax (Rokenbok use) and our Nails also work with Zoob (a construction toy), Fiddlestix, Brio-Mec and other toy uses!

Nilo table (compatible with Lego Duplo Table) Without Holes in Framing: Basically, a cleaner design, not having holes in the framing.

This deal saves you $40 on the two included baseplates! Note: 10% OFF Coupon does NOT apply to the small activity tables since the price was lowered.

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Small Nilo® Toddler Activity Table with Green Baseplates NO HOLES

(2 customer reviews)

Product Description

Nilo® Kids Activity Table Without Accessory Holes in Frame (Fits Nilo baseplates compatible with Lego & Duplo blocks)

Nilo Table, Lego Table, Play Table, Kids Furniture


  • 1x Small Nilo Kids Activity Table (Without holes in frame)
  • 2x Large Nilo Green Baseplates (compatible with Lego & Duplo)

Activity Table Features

  • Dimensions: 25″W x 34″L x 20″H
  • Play surface size: 24″W x 32″L x 1 1/4″H
  • Solid hardwood construction.
  • Coated with an All-Natural protective finish that is Kid Safe and Non-Toxic as well as Hypoallergenic!
  • Easy to clean double-sided tabletop surface!
  • Fits Nilo brand removable baseplates, which makes your Nilo table like a Lego table, Duplo table, puzzle table, or activity table.
  • 24″ & 30″ Leg Kits available for this table as an add-on so the activity table can grow with your child!
  • Perfect height for seating and storage.
  • 1 1/4″ recessed tabletop keeps bits and pieces from falling onto the floor. No more stepping on toys!
  • We’ve proven our product over the past 30 years, just take a look at our reviews!

Holes or no Holes?

With Holes in Framing:  The original reason for the holes was to hammer in Nails and construct off of the table with a toy called Brio-Mec. Our Slide Hammer ’N Nails allows you to Hit the Nails INTO the table and then Hit them OUT of the table thanks to our dual purpose Slide Hammer design. The holes also interact with our Nilo-Jax (Extreme trestle set great for wooden trains and other track sets), Rok-Jax (Rokenbok use) and our Nails also work with Zoob (a construction toy), Fiddlestix and other toy uses! So if you want to add value to your Nilo table you may want to consider our #1 selling Large table or our Small (half size) table. Just select your Finish!

Without Holes in Framing: Basically, a cleaner design, not having holes in the framing. Obviously, you lose the ability to do the other activities above. Either way….your purchasing the absolute best quality table for your child!


Why choose a Nilo® brand Kids Activity Table Lego Table Train Table?

lego table, duplo table, nilo table, play table, activity table There are many reasons why Nilo® is the leader in activity tables, Lego tables, Duplo tables, wooden train tables, basically multi-use tables for children. We’ve been selling our incredible tables since 1992!  This is our 29th Year Anniversary! Lets just get right into it!

Kids Activity Table Appearance

Our Nilo brand activity table is like a Duplo Table design and is timeless, clean, and simple. We designed our table to be a quality piece of furniture, which it truly is! Made of solid hardwood and a double-sided tabletop in case one side gets damaged, this table is sturdy, beautiful and will not disappoint. The Nilo logo is carved into the wood and painted for an added touch. It isn’t stamped on, silk-screened on, painted on or worse, just a sticker! Nope, I wanted that element to be as graceful as the rest of the table. It cost a bit more but I feel it is worth it. Don’t you?

Nilo’s brand kid’s activity table Play Table Train Table Lego Table Design

Raised Borders

The raised borders are the perfect height, not too low, not too high. As such, they serve to keep manipulative on the table top and off the floor.

Perfect for Train Table Use

The Nilo Activity table is also the perfect height for wooden train use. The track is 1/2″ thick, our borders are 1 1/4″ high. This allows for 3/4″ of raised border with wooden track being placed on the table. It’s therefore excellent to use as a wooden train table. I’ve noticed many tables feature just 1/2″ or 1″ and others feature 2 1/2″ or more! None of these dimensions are ideal.

Nilo brand Baseplates

Its also ideal to use like a Lego Table, or, like a Duplo table thanks to our wonderful Nilo baseplates or Block Mats as we call them. Check out our Block Mats here: Click here. Obviously, our tables are the absolute best KIDS ACTIVITY TABLE there is!

Top Quality Construction & Design

Next, lets talk about how our table is made. Solid hardwood, dado in frame which sandwiches the tabletop for added strength, solid “L” shaped legs and 1/4″ bolts, 6mm corner screws hold this baby together…for life!

Our large and small childrens’ tables come with the best multi-use surface for a play table, namely, melamine. We chose to include a “two sided” top. If one side gets damaged you can disassemble one end of the table, slide out the top, flip it over and bingo, you have a new table top again!

The height of our table is 19″ to table top. This is also ideal. Most tables are TOO LOW to the ground. Your child will outgrow those activity tables within 2-3 years. Also, our activity table allows for seating & storage, your child may sit on our stool or toy chest and have their legs comfortably under the table. Ergonomics are very important, wouldn’t you agree?

This table does not include our Graphic Play Mat. See the mat here: see it here.  If you desire this mat, please order our Large Childrens Table instead.

Finally, our “with holes in frame” tables features holes around the border to allow for cool activities, like our Slide Hammer ‘N Nails, Nilo-Jax, Rok-Jax, Fiddlestix and Zoobs! Talk about added value!

We also sell our Nilo Block Mats making our tables compatible as a Lego Table or Duplo Table. Note, the benefit of our design with our Block Mat use is your child may start a project on our mat sitting on the table, then you may remove the mat with project on it to use the table for another use…then later simply place the Block Mat with the project back onto the tabletop and continue to build! Most other baseplates are too small to carry a large project to a new location.

Additionally, you are easily able to wash our Nilo Block Mats, clean them since they weigh only 2 pounds. Many major building brick branded tables have plates that are permanently attached to the tabletop…there is no way to wash the Block Mat (base plates).

Little girl with painted hands at the Small Kids activity table with green baseplates In summary, there isn’t a better-designed, better-made, more versatile activity table compatible with Lego bricks & Duplo blocks, Train sets, or other kids activities on the planet!

Don’t forget to check out our 5 star reviews! Please tell your neighborhood Specialty Toy Store about us, should they not carry Nilo.

One more thing; Should you purchase this table or one of our others, we’d sure appreciate you letting your circle of influence know about your choice!

Should you be ecstatic, once you assemble the table and see your precious little one(s) playing like there’s no tomorrow, perhaps you could make a favorable comment on our Instagram & Facebook page @nilotoys!

We’re a small, privately owned U.S. based company and could sure use your help letting others know about us. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

2 reviews for Small Nilo® Toddler Activity Table with Green Baseplates NO HOLES

  1. Gerome

    This table has been an absolute hit! The kids won’t stop playing on it. Now the neighborhood daycare center wants one. Definitely recommend this to anyone with kids!

  2. Lucas

    Love how the storage bin rolls nicely under this table. Makes it easy for my kids to take toys out and put them away. Great for cleanup time!

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Weight 31 oz
Dimensions 34 × 26 × 20.5 in
Frame Style

With Holes, Without Holes

Baseplates (Save $10)

No Baseplates, Two Blue Baseplates, Two Green Baseplates

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