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Toddler Table and Chairs Set

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Looking for high-quality childrens table sets that are both durable and fun? Check out Nilo Toys’ selection of table and chair sets, perfect for playtime, learning, and more!

Our childrens table sets are built to last and provide your little ones with a safe and comfortable place to sit and play. Shop Nilo Toys today and give your kids the gift of imaginative play and learning!

Here are some of the key features of Nilo childrens table sets tables:

  1. Large Play Surface: Nilo Toys offers multiple table sizes from small to large. The large play table features ample space for kids to play with their toys. The play surface measures 32 inches by 48 inches, which is large enough for multiple kids to play together. The small play table features a 24” x 32” play area, while the toddler table features a 22” x 19.5” play area which is perfect for most tabletop activities.
  2. Adjustable Height: We offer extended leg lengths for the large and small play tables to make the perfect height table for your child. Nilo tables come with 18.5” legs while both 24” and 30” leg sets are sold separately. The longer leg options make the play table suitable for kids of different ages and sizes.
  3. Solid Wood Construction: Nilo play table framing is made of solid hardwood, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The table is also finished with a non-toxic coating that makes it safe for kids to play on.
  4. Two-Sided Building Brick Plates: The classic small & large Nilo play tables fit Nilo 2-sided baseplates that are BOTH Lego & Duplo compatible. These plates make it fun & easy for kids to build their LEGO creations.
  5. Storage Options: Need toy storage? Nilo offers multi-use toy chests, storage bins, and more for toys, blocks, and other play items. 
  6. Modular Design: The classic small & large Nilo Toys play tables have a modular design allowing for longer leg options. Plus, the large play table can convert into a coffee table with the dining topper add-on. This feature is great for families with multiple kids so that you can cover your activities for later, or for family rooms & playrooms with limited space.
  7. Easy Assembly: Nilo childrens table sets are easy to assemble and come with all the necessary hardware and instructions. You can assemble the table in just a few minutes with no special tools required.

Nilo Toys play tables are designed to provide a versatile, durable, and fun play surface for kids. With features like optional leg lengths, 2-sided building brick baseplates, 2-in-1 storage & seating options, and modular design, these tables are a great choice for both families with young children and daycare centers.