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Activity Tables for Kids – Arts and Crafts Tables for Kids

If you’re looking for the best activity tables for kids, you’re in the right place.. Over the past year or so, most of us were forced to work from home, and odds are, you got yourself a fancy new desk. Even if you didn’t, you probably created a nice little corner where you could do all your work from – a work sanctuary of some sort. This means you know exactly how it feels to have a dedicated space to hone your craft.

Why not afford your little one the same luxury?

Activity tables for kids provide a place where children can paint, color, draw, play, and let the Picasso in them shine. It’s a place where they can flex their creativity and develop their senses through exploration and discovery. The best activity tables for kids don’t just look great, but they are also incredibly functional!

Activity Table Features

Exquisite design

For the best activity tables for toddlers, we indisputably qualify for that title. Why?

Well, we could name all the awesome features that our kids’ activity tables offer (which we will), but most notably, you will love the creative, timeless, yet clean design that our tables offer alongside the incredible functionality.

If you love home décor, you probably want something that doesn’t disrupt your overall aesthetic. Our wooden activity table for toddlers works with most design styles.   

Large play area

With a dimension of 32″ x 48”, the Large Nilo Activity Tables for Kids are large enough to support a range of activities.

Whether your little one wants to draw a masterpiece, build an epic train set, or build with Lego and Duplo blocks using the Nilo double-sided Lego Duplo compatible base plates, this table will be perfect for them. The large lego base plates fit snug on all Nilo children’s play tables and can fill the entire play area!

Recessed Tabletop

The recessed tabletop on Nilo activity tables for kids are 1 1/4″ high, perfect for most activities. This recessed tabletop helps to keep any activity table lego or other bits and pieces from falling off; Who likes stepping on Legos!? OUCH!

Many tables feature just 1/2″ or 1″ and others feature 2 1/2″ or more!  None of these dimensions are ideal in our opinion. Thus, we feel our 1 1/4″ is the best out there.


The tabletop is easy to clean with most regular household cleaners. It is also double-sided in case you want a fresh new tabletop surface!

What do you mean the tabletop is double-sided?

The tabletop is coated white on both sides. If one side of the tabletop gets damaged or dirty, you can simply disassemble half of the table, flip the tabletop over, and viola; You have a new clean white tabletop surface!

Solid hardwood construction

The best activity tables for toddlers are those that can withstand wear and tear for as long as possible. Let’s face it, who want to buy a new table every couple of months.

Below you’ll see the solid hardwood construction, recessed tabletop, steel hardware, and optional accessory holes for Nilo accessories & other toys!

Kids are not always careful about the things at their disposal. You will be happy to know that all Nilo tables are designed with an elegant, sturdy construction that is sure to last through plenty of wear and tear, meaning this will be your child’s go-to activity table for years, even decades to come!

Even better, our activity tables can be adjusted with our 24” & 30″ leg sets so that the table can grow with your child. They could even take it with them to college for projects as some of our customers have done! How awesome is that?

It’s worth noting that the 24″ and 30″ leg sets are sold separately, but with our tables’ standard height clocking at 18.5”, it will be a while before you need to upgrade. When the time comes, though, you should definitely consider getting a fresh new set of table legs from us.

Tongue and Groove Joints

Along with the thick hardwood construction, the table framing features a tongue and groove fit, which is much stronger than your typical butt joint as many of our competitors have.

The tongue and groove joints mechanically interlock the table frame together for added strength! The average butt joint (seen on most other tables) causes all of the supported weight to go directly to the screws holding the frame together, this is not only a less attractive joint but also less sturdy.

We’ve had customers reach out to us that have had their Nilo table for over twenty years. How’s that for quality!?

Dado Groove

Our activity tables for kids also feature a dado groove within the table frame which supports the entire tabletop.

Rather than having a few screws here and there to hold the tabletop up like our competitors, there is a groove around the entire inside of the table frame that the tabletop fits snug in. This groove supports the tabletop around the entire perimeter which makes the tabletop extremely strong and also helps to prevent liquids from spilling through.

Storage Facilities

If there’s one thing all parents can agree on is the fact that toys and other kids’ stuff can make the house feel pretty cluttered. This is why you need to have a range of storage spaces where your little one can put away all their valuables. For the best kids activity table with storage space, Nilo has got your back.

We offer kid-friendly storage bins (sold separately) that you can easily roll underneath the table to avoid clutter. The storage bins are perfect for keeping all their painting supplies and toys, plus you can also get a Nilo Caddy for even better organization.

Alternatively, the Nilo multi-purpose toy chest, also sold separately, can help you achieve some sense of organization by offering toy storage with bench.

The Nilo activity tables with storage add-ons available allow for you to have an all-encompassing activity table that can do it all!

What makes the Nilo toy chest an even better option is the fact that it can serve as a storage bin and chair for your child when they need to express their creativity.

Gaming accessories

Children love to play. They can literally play with anything at their disposal. It’s best to get them an activity table that meets this need!

What about a table with large Lego base plates? How about a table with large Duplo base plates?

We offer Large double-sided Lego & Duplo Compatible Base Plates that fit snug on our activity tables for kids! Two base plates fit on the small activity table for kids and four base plates fit on the large activity table for kids.

In addition, the recessed tabletop keeps your Lego or Duplo bricks from falling off of the table.

Plus, the Roll-out Felt Table Toppers make this activity table suitable for all sorts of games, from board games and card games to more creative play like dispatching trains – our activity tables for toddlers are the whole package. 

Don’t forget about all of our other Gaming Accessories such as cup holders, flip shelves that feature card holders, trays and more!

Dining & Coffee Table Conversion Capabilities

Are you squeezed for play table space? Don’t let that stop you from getting your little one an activity table they are sure to love!

Our activity tables for kids are specially designed for those who are squeezed for space.

That said, if you’ve been battling over whether to get a dining table or create an art space for your kid, our kids’ activity table is what you need. Simply purchase the Nilo dining topper, and you’ve got yourself an activity table PLUS the benefits of a coffee table or dining table (let’s not forget gaming table) all-in-one, depending on the leg length you go for or if you want to upgrade to the Nilo Master Table or Gamer Table meant for adults. 

Activity Table for Kids Final thoughts

In a nutshell, if you are looking for the best multi-purpose activity tables for kids, we believe that our tables tick all the right boxes.

What are you waiting for? Place your order today for the best activity tables for kids (and toddlers too)! Shop today!

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