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Ways to Teach Your Child Math With LEGOs

There are a number of ways to teach your child with Legos, or even teach your child math with Legos. For instance, you can write the letters of the alphabet on the pieces and have your child build words using them, then count how many are in each word. Pienky Du Toit suggests using the pieces to create word patterns. Tricia Armstrong suggests creating pictures of things in your child’s bedroom or playing room using Legos. These activities are great for teaching your child…

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Christmas Activities for Kids That Make the Holiday Come Alive 2021

Christmas activities for kids are a lot of fun. Kids love making Christmas cards, decorating Christmas trees, and playing Christmas music in the background. These are just so much fun and the children are bound to enjoy these holiday activities as well. They are great to just keep them busy during the Christmas season but also fun to do with the whole family. There are many different activities for kids during the holiday season. Here are some great Christmas ideas for kids! Christmas Activities…

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Best Christmas Gift For Kids 2021

What do parents and grandparents think about the best gift for kids? Is there a trend for any one gift? And which gifts are the most popular in your circle of friends? Building blocks such as wooden building blocks are always a favorite, but what about Legos or Duplos? When it comes to building blocks, do they fare better than regular blocks, or are they just as fun? Kids Gift Trends Finding the best gifts for kids can be hard. There’s no clear trend…

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Benefits of Building Blocks for Kids & Toddlers

Kids love building blocks; they’re a great educational toy and provide a great way to teach creativity and problem-solving skills. By building with blocks, kids will enjoy building the structure to various structures they see in their environment; they will not want to just put them away! Building block playsets are the perfect solution to liven up a dull classroom activity or to bring a fun new educational activity into the home. Kids love building blocks and have nothing more fun building them than…


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BEST Lego Table for Adults 2021

Best Lego Table for Adults in 2021 Read on to find out about the best table that is compatible as a Lego table for adults plus how you can transform the Nilo board Gaming Tables and Lego Tables, using our double-sided large compatible with Lego base plates.  Learning and personal growth are life-long processes. Building with Legos, as an adult, has several benefits, including: Boosting mental health, by lowering stress levels Improving brain functionality through sustaining focus Allowing for creativity, experimentation and problem solving…

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Why Nilo?

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