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The Benefits of Kids Activity Sheets

Parents should consider downloading a variety of kids activity sheets to keep their children busy. There are many different subjects that kids can learn about, such as counting, writing numbers, and more. We offer many sheets are that are FREE and cover a wide range of topics (We’re also continuing to grow our list of FREE printables)! You can choose one to use in your home, or download one to your computer for a quick and easy lesson. You can also print out free…

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Kids Games for Christmas – FREE Printable Word Game

FREE Kids Games for Christmas – Word Game Instructions Here one of many upcoming FREE Christmas games for kids that they’ll love. Adults can join in on the fun too! This activity can be done individually or with a group of people. The goal is to make as many words as you can out of the word Christmas. Here is an example; The letters ‘H’, ‘A’, and ‘T’ are in ‘Christmas’, so one word can be ‘hat’! To make this activity even more fun…

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Open-Ended Play Activity Ideas For Kids

Play is an important part of children’s development and this is especially true for their open ended play to learn activities. As a matter of fact, play is one of the key elements for the cognitive development of infants and toddlers. Playing is fun and children like it when adults spend time playing with them. Playing with children is a good way for an adult to learn about what is happening in their child’s head. You’ll find out the benefits of open ended play…

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Christmas Activities for Kids That Make the Holiday Come Alive 2022

Christmas activities for kids are a lot of fun. Kids love making Christmas cards, decorating Christmas trees, and playing Christmas music in the background. These are just so much fun and the children are bound to enjoy these holiday activities as well. They are great to just keep them busy during the Christmas season but also fun to do with the whole family. There are many different activities for kids during the holiday season. Here are some great Christmas ideas for kids! Christmas Activities…

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Best Christmas Gift For Kids 2022

What do parents and grandparents think about the best gift for kids? Is there a trend for any one gift? And which gifts are the most popular in your circle of friends? Building blocks such as wooden building blocks are always a favorite, but what about Legos or Duplos? When it comes to building blocks, do they fare better than regular blocks, or are they just as fun? Kids Gift Trends Finding the best gifts for kids can be hard. There’s no clear trend…

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The Benefits of Early Learning And Communication

Early childhood education, otherwise known as early nursery schooling, is basically a branch of early childhood education theory which relates to the training of young children from conception right up to the age of seven. This is usually equivalent to third grade. ECE is often defined as an important educational milestone in child development. It is an essential phase for early learning and development as it helps children acquire skills and knowledge that they will need to survive in society. Below are some of…

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9 Best Building Blocks For Kids

There are countless types of STEM toys available these days, and toy building blocks for kids are definitely one of them. Wooden building blocks for kids are a safe and educational choice for kids of all ages. They will get a head start on developing gross motor skills and hand/eye coordination. They will also enjoy learning colors, shapes, and working with other kids of their age group. Read on to find out the 9 best types of building blocks for kids. Types of Building…

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Benefits of Building Blocks for Kids & Toddlers

Kids love building blocks; they’re a great educational toy and provide a great way to teach creativity and problem-solving skills. By building with blocks, kids will enjoy building the structure to various structures they see in their environment; they will not want to just put them away! Building block playsets are the perfect solution to liven up a dull classroom activity or to bring a fun new educational activity into the home. Kids love building blocks and have nothing more fun building them than…


Checkout these awesome photos sent from our customers showing off their games & activities! Send your Nilo photos to to have a chance at being featured in this gallery & on our social media @nilotoys!

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BEST Activity Tables for Kids & Arts & Crafts Tables for Kids 2021

Activity Tables for Kids – Arts and Crafts Tables for Kids If you’re looking for the best activity tables for kids, you’re in the right place.. Over the past year or so, most of us were forced to work from home, and odds are, you got yourself a fancy new desk. Even if you didn’t, you probably created a nice little corner where you could do all your work from – a work sanctuary of some sort. This means you know exactly how it feels…

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BEST Lego Table for Adults 2023

Best Lego Table for Adults in 2023 Read on to find out about the best table that is compatible as a Lego table for adults plus how you can transform the Nilo board Gaming Tables and Lego Tables, using our double-sided large compatible with Lego base plates.  Learning and personal growth are life-long processes. Building with Legos, as an adult, has several benefits, including: So why would I need a Lego table? It is important to build regularly to reap the many rewards constructing…

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Why Nilo?

Looking for a versatile activity play table & accessories that will last for generations? Here’s three reasons why you should choose Nilo!

Nilo Lego Table

Nilo Play Table & Accessories In Use!

Build awesome Lego castles? Marble runs? Puzzles? Train tracks?… Show us what you’ve built on your Nilo Lego Table/Play Table! We would love for you to join the Nilo community and show us how you use your Nilo table & products. Please feel free to send us your photos as they may be featured on our social media & website! We would not divulge your personal information, we’d just post your photos and say something like,”Janice from Texas posted this photo of her two…

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NEW Board Gaming Tables Tables & Accessories Coming Soon!

You may be asking yourself, what is a board gaming table? So, what is a board gaming table? A board gaming table is a multi-use table that provides the perfect playing area made exactly for your gaming needs. There are so many types, shapes, and sizes available with varying vault depths, colors, and accessories. Some will clash with your current home decor, while others will blend in beautifully. You can choose from many different colors and styles to suit your home decor. Depending on…

Happy Nilo Customer

Nilo Toys Activity Play Table Customer Review!

Happy Nilo Customer Photos & Review: My almost 3-year old loves trains, and I did quite a bit of research looking for a table where we could build a wooden train set. I was looking for something that was eco-friendly, solid and could also be used if he takes a train break. After doing my standard amazon/google searches with the most recent reviews/info, i found a blog updated in 2018 on play-trains where there was some good information on Nilo and other tables.  Definitely…

Toddler playing with toy train set on a Nilo childrens play table

BEST Wooden Train Table For Kids

The BEST Wooden Train Table For Kids should be one that offers the following features: Hardwood Table Frame Why solid hardwood? Strength, quality and integrity. Our Nilo tables are solid hardwood framing and are proven to last for generations. Train table wooden framing is very important not only for durability purposes, but also to ensure that your train track won’t be affected by slight bumps to the table. Take a look at our reviews!  Multi-Use Tabletop Surface Many tables out there use MDF. Many…

N80 Nilo Theasel magnetic dry erase

Is the table you seek tall enough to allow COMFORTABLE SEATING?

One of the main reasons I started Nilo Toys was due to the fact that the tables being offered at the time were TOO LOW to the ground!  As such, they did not allow my children to be comfortably seated while at play. We designed our Nilo Table to be the PERFECT HEIGHT, 19″ to the top of the play surface. Also, the frame design of the table was such that there was plenty of room under the table for storage and also for…

Happy Customer

Nilo Toys – Community!

Here are some great photos from our happy Nilo customers that feature our products (such as our multi-use activity play table & accessories) so that you can enjoy them and see how other people use our products! We would love for you to email us your photos/vids to or tag us on social media @nilotoys (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). We have enjoyed our 29 years of being in business, forming our Nilo community. It would be great if you JUMP IN and make it…

Children Play Table Review

Just wanted to tell you our table, stools, and Lego mats arrived and the quality is awesome! Our boys love the table and have wanted to play with ALL sorts of toys on it. We have the rolling storage bin set to arrive this week and I can’t wait.  Thank you for making such a great quality product (that has multiple uses) at such a fair price-I’ll definitely recommend your products to my friends! Courtney S.