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Kids love building blocks; they’re a great educational toy and provide a great way to teach creativity and problem-solving skills. By building with blocks, kids will enjoy building the structure to various structures they see in their environment; they will not want to just put them away! Building block playsets are the perfect solution to liven up a dull classroom activity or to bring a fun new educational activity into the home. Kids love building blocks and have nothing more fun building them than in building their own houses, habitats, bridges, robots, and more. Building blocks are a great teaching tool that all classrooms and homes can use.

Building Blocks Improve Skills

There are many benefits from building with wooden building blocks or plastic building blocks including:

  • Improves brain functionality through sustaining focus and problem solving
  • Allows for Imaginative play & creative growth
  • Offers self-expression through building whatever one desires
  • Builds self-esteem through bringing ideas to life
  • Allows for social & emotional growth through sharing, cooperating with others and becoming self-reliant
  • Mental & physical development in all areas including problem solving, math, motor skills, and more!

Children learn a variety of essential skills with wooden building blocks. The blocks serve as a physical and mental challenge for children. By building with toy blocks, children can use their imagination to solve problems or build structures that will stand the test of time. With wooden building blocks toys, children can even explore and develop new interests while playing!

What materials are building blocks?

There are several types of building blocks available for kids including, but not limited to plastic bricks, such as Lego, Duplo, or Megablox, wooden blocks, foam blocks, and even magnetic blocks. Wood is a natural building material, which allows for unlimited designs and limitless possibilities. In addition, plastic building bricks are also capable of unlimited designs and creations. All of the possibilities with building bricks make them a great learning tool for toddlers. Building bricks are simple toys that require no special abilities to play with, making them a great learning toy for all kids. Toddlers will have fun building anything with wooden blocks from houses, habitats, to space ships, and robots with their parents. With blocks, your toddler will be building while having fun while learning!

Wooden building blocks come in many different shapes and sizes, allowing for endless possibilities when designing your build. Shape up your toy bricks by building with circular or oblong shape pieces. There are also building blocks shaped like triangles, squares, pentagons, circles, ovals, and hexagons. In addition, the classic shapes of Lego building bricks are available in all sizes and come in many custom shapes for your child’s unique personal sense of style.

Another advantage of wooden building blocks is that they can stand up to regular wear and tear. Toys made of PVC will most likely become warped, cracked, and damaged if played with every day. If you wish your wooden building bricks to be played with daily, we recommend purchasing a wooden storage crate that will store them away until needed. These are ideal for storing toys that will not be used frequently because they will not become damaged easily, or get in the way. Who likes stepping on blocks!? Ouch! 

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Choose the Right Building Blocks for You

When choosing building bricks or blocks such as Legos for toddlers, pick ones that appeal to you and your toddler. Building with Legos will help stimulate your child’s imagination and provide hours of fun. Parents can spend hours building with their child, as plastic and wooden bricks themselves are simplistic and will provide hours of quality time with the family. Wooden toy blocks and Legos or Duplos are also a safe choice, especially if you choose nontoxic wooden bricks that will meet your child’s safety requirements.

At Home Treatment Group

Building blocks are also perfect for an at-home treatment group. There are wooden building bricks geared toward specific interests so that you can find one suitable for your toddler. Toy blocks and bricks provide a great activity to introduce children to physical activity while providing entertainment and learning at the same time. Building blocks are an excellent tool for toddlers and kids and should be treated as such.

Building Block Ideas to Choose From

There are many building block ideas to choose from. The big question is, what can I build with them? This is a good question, one that can be answered in a number of different ways. If you look at the most popular themes from Lego, you will notice that they are all about building things that you can use to create any kind of experience. Take a look at what some of these options are and then look for building block ideas that fit in with what you want to do.

Medieval Aged Theme

One of the most popular Lego themes is the Medieval Age theme. This means you can learn to construct castles and knights, as well as other medieval outfits and items. If you are a young child, there are several building block ideas that are related to this theme. For example, the building block Lego knight can move around and battle other Legos to protect his castle. A medieval-themed building block set will give you lots of options of the kind of things that you can make.

Princess Theme

Another popular Lego theme is the Princess theme, which means that you will be able to make a number of different costumes and accessories to dress up your little girl or boy in. It is possible to use classic princesses such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and many others to help you find the right building blocks ideas for your child. Some ideas that you might try might include a small wooden figure of a princess that has a crown on top of her head and is ready to go to bed. You can also get her a tiara, if you wish. To complete this costume, you can even get a wand and put it on her finger. She can then use imaginative play, dress up, and go out in the world as a beautiful princess!

Car & Truck Theme

Cars are another theme that many kids like, and there are many building blocks that are based on this idea including and not limited to wooden car blocks, Lego car blocks, and Car Mega bloks. There are race cars, trucks, and buses among other things that you could build. You can even find building blocks that have the logo of famous NASCAR drivers, to complete this look for your child!


Does your kid have an interest in the characters of the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon? You can use building blocks made to represent Spongebob’s friends. There are a number of different colors and shapes that you can choose from, and finding the right size for your child to play with is going to be very important. Among other building blocks ideas, one excellent building blocks idea that you can use for your child’s play set is a fort. You can build a form that will fit the theme of Spongebob very well.

Finding The Right Idea

Building blocks are fun for children. What better way to get them going than to give them an idea for something that they will build? If you have a child that is interested in horses, you can give them the building block ideas of building a stable for one of these amazing animals. There are lots of different ideas that you can find for children and getting them started on something that they will enjoy and keep using as they grow will help you get more out of your toy box. Want to get some building block ideas for your kids? Check out the large selection of Educational Bricks Toys online. You will not be disappointed!

What about storing the toy blocks?

Luckily, we offer a few options that are the perfect solution for storing your building blocks!

The Nilo Toy Chest both provides seating and four large storage sections. Nilo rolling Storage Bins feature four large storage compartments with an optional Drop-in Caddy option for more organization! Plastic storage boxes are great for storage, but you may find that your child does not enjoy playing with them.

Wooden storage bins or storage boxes are different, last longer, and provide a unique way to entertain your child. View our wooden toy boxes by visiting our storage and seating category.

Wooden storage boxes ultimately make a great way to store toys that are not wanted, get in the way, or store in the house for safety reasons.

Need a place to build blocks? We’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for the perfect childrens play table that works excellent with blocks, bricks, and other toys, then you’ve got to check out the Large Nilo Childrens Play Table.

This table features a hardwood frame and double-sided tabletop in case one side gets damaged or dirty. It also features a recessed tabletop to keep blocks and other toys on the tabletop. In addition to our top quality play tables, we have many optional accessories that will upgrade your building block experience!

Nilo Double-Sided Baseplates also fit snug in the play table, allowing for the perfect platform to build with large or small toy bricks. 

Another benefit of our building block play table is the optional leg lengths we offer. Nilo play tables come with 18.5” legs, but we also offer both 24,” and 30” leg sets so that your play table can grow with you and your kids. Our play tables last generations, literally, as shown in our reviews!

Some other great accessories include the cup holders, cardholders, roll-out felt mats, toy hammer’n’nail sets, and more. The Nilo dining topper converts your play table into a coffee or dining table – perfect for saving space & covering activities for later.

Shop now to take your toy building block experience to the next level with the Nilo childrens play table & accessories!

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