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There are countless types of STEM toys available these days, and toy building blocks for kids are definitely one of them. Wooden building blocks for kids are a safe and educational choice for kids of all ages. They will get a head start on developing gross motor skills and hand/eye coordination. They will also enjoy learning colors, shapes, and working with other kids of their age group. Read on to find out the 9 best types of building blocks for kids.

Types of Building Blocks for Kids:

  • Educational blocks (Alphabet, numbers etc.)
  • Wooden blocks
  • Lego & Duplo blocks
  • Mega Bloks
  • Magnetic blocks
  • Foam blocks
  • Castle building blocks
  • Rainbow blocks
  • Bristle blocks

Building blocks for kids come in many colors – from bright orange to baby pink to blue and green – that will keep their interest and help them learn new colors as they play and explore. Let’s take a look at the different types of building blocks for kids.

Educational Building Blocks for Kids

One thing that you need to decide is whether you want to give your toddler standard educational building blocks or alphabet blocks where your toddler can simply have fun making their own pictures and builds or focus on learning letters and matching them with words.

Alphabet blocks will keep your toddler interested in learning the alphabet while building blocks allow them to practice their imaginative skills and will encourage her to bring her creativity to life.

Lego Bricks & Duplo blocks

Children also love to play with colorful Lego blocks that come in fun shapes like circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and so on. Bright colors like red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, and orange are favorites among toddlers.

These simple, yet creative blocks can be used in many ways by kids and toddlers to develop gross motor skills, problem-solving strategies, and creative thinking.

There are a plethora of themes available when it comes to Lego & Duplo blocks. Amazingly, Lego & Duplo themes are also for almost all ages. Their themes include and are not limited to Disney, Jurassic World, Medieval Times, Batman, Supermario, Stranger Things, and more!

Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic blocks are another favorite among children. They can be interchanged so that little fingers can join in building just about any kind of structure or figure they like.

A set could include magnetic building blocks, magnetic balls, magnetic scissors, or animals in different shapes and designs that are all geared towards a specific theme – houses, cars, etc. Most families enjoy having their own creative choice of house plans or having their kids build their own animal figurines or houses.

Because magnetic blocks stick together, they will not break until they are gently nudged. This makes them a good choice for children who are learning about physics as this plays an important role in how these blocks fit, stick and balance together.

Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are another safe, educational, and fun choice for young and old kids alike and are one of the bigger competitors of Lego Duplo. They are easy to set up and can be played with alone or with friends.

There are various sizes, colors, and patterns of Mega Bloks available that range from animal babies and toddlers to blocks with themes such as sports, jungle, cars, planes, cars, and so on. When purchased in a starter set, these blocks are relatively inexpensive.

These blocks are great for teaching engineering and math skills through hands-on learning. Kids learn shapes best when they can see and feel objects and their curvature. Children learn the weight of the blocks and then they learn exactly how to place the blocks in a stack and balance them so that they don’t fall over. These blocks are larger than standard Lego blocks making them easier to build with for younger children.

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Castle Building Blocks

Building castles are one of the most popular themes in the world. And with the right type of castle building blocks, you can make your own personal fortress. Plus have hours of fun doing so!

Just because you want to build a castle does not mean that you have to go with traditional wooden blocks. Instead, there are now building blocks specifically shaped like castle pieces to choose from. Most major brands such as Lego & Mega Bloks make blocks in the shape of castle pieces. Each has its own unique characteristics and abilities.

Wooden Building Blocks

Younger children tend to enjoy the benefits of using wooden blocks for kids. The natural beauty of wooden block set lends itself to providing a creative outlet.

Young kids start developing the motor skills necessary to master this type of activity before they even have the opportunity to use expensive electronic products that promise entertainment.

Since blocks provide a solid surface on which to build, it’s easy for young ones to learn the art of building without the risk of injury. They are also safer than many other toys on the market.

These benefits result in the consistent use of wooden blocks for kids by toddlers and pre-schoolers. There are many types of block sets available that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This gives you options to choose the best one for you!

Foam Blocks

If you’re looking for a building block that is unique and fun, then foam blocks are a great option. Foam building blocks come in many shapes, sizes, and styles.

In short, foam blocks are simply a group of individual foam pieces of different colors and shapes that are used as building toys. These are great because they’re soft and are safe to play with.

However, that’s just the start. Imagine using foam blocks to create a fort play space; Some foam blocks are even large enough for kids to sit on!

Rainbow Blocks

rainbow blocks, colorful blocks, colorful bricks, rainbow toy, rainbow toys
rainbow blocks, colorful blocks, colorful bricks, rainbow toy, rainbow toys

Rainbow building blocks come in several different hues of color, some of them have special reflective properties and, of course, they’re shaped like a rainbow.

However, you can balance these rainbow-shaped blocks in very unique ways as shown in the photo. This makes them unique and great for teaching hand-eye coordination and physics while having fun at the same time!

Bristle Blocks

Bristle blocks snap together with the bristles on each piece and are actually quite easy to snap together.

These are a great option for sensory play for younger children. They are soft and interlock at any angle for frustration-free building, which is absolutely great for beginners since they are safe and stick together with ease.

There are multiple types of kits available that come with different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Choose the Right Building Blocks for You

Whether you want to purchase a wooden block set for your child, or you want to introduce them to other building blocks, you will likely be able to find the perfect set for you because there are so many available options. It is important to keep in mind that the blocks for kids should not be toys that pose a choking hazard for younger children. Even educational toys can pose a risk to younger children if they are built incorrectly or used incorrectly. This is partly why Duplo blocks are more so for young kids while Lego blocks are meant for older kids;  Duplo blocks are bigger and are less of a choking hazard.

Many blocks are built to last and provide safe play for anyone young and old. This makes them an excellent choice for families who want to provide their kids with something that’ll bring hours of entertainment for years to come. When you factor in the value of the product, the cost of the product, and its ability to provide entertainment, you will find that even parents with a lower budget can feel good about purchasing this product.

There are so many types of building blocks that it is impossible to mention them all in one article. However, your child will be delighted with just about anything when you give them new wooden building blocks. You will also be sure to remember this as your child grows. Click Here for a nice selection of building blocks. When it comes to purchasing building blocks for your toddler, do not delay; you will never regret it.

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