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How to Help Kids With Sensory Issues

Figuring out how to help kids with sensory issues can be difficult, however, there are many effective strategies for helping them. These strategies can range from simple adaptations to implementing special accommodations. For example, If your child is particularly sensitive to loud sounds or lights, they can wear sensory-smart clothing or adaptive gear to help them cope. Between both types of strategies, some solutions may work better for you than others. Sensory Overload & Reactions The first step is to help your child learn…

N80 Nilo Theasel magnetic dry erase

Is the table you seek tall enough to allow COMFORTABLE SEATING?

One of the main reasons I started Nilo Toys was due to the fact that the tables being offered at the time were TOO LOW to the ground!  As such, they did not allow my children to be comfortably seated while at play. We designed our Nilo Table to be the PERFECT HEIGHT, 19″ to the top of the play surface. Also, the frame design of the table was such that there was plenty of room under the table for storage and also for…

Happy Customer

Nilo Toys – Community!

Here are some great photos from our happy Nilo customers that feature our products (such as our multi-use activity play table & accessories) so that you can enjoy them and see how other people use our products! We would love for you to email us your photos/vids to or tag us on social media @nilotoys (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). We have enjoyed our 29 years of being in business, forming our Nilo community. It would be great if you JUMP IN and make it…

Children Play Table Review

Just wanted to tell you our table, stools, and Lego mats arrived and the quality is awesome! Our boys love the table and have wanted to play with ALL sorts of toys on it. We have the rolling storage bin set to arrive this week and I can’t wait.  Thank you for making such a great quality product (that has multiple uses) at such a fair price-I’ll definitely recommend your products to my friends! Courtney S.