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My almost 3-year old loves trains, and I did quite a bit of research looking for a table where we could build a wooden train set. I was looking for something that was eco-friendly, solid and could also be used if he takes a train break. After doing my standard amazon/google searches with the most recent reviews/info, i found a blog updated in 2018 on play-trains where there was some good information on Nilo and other tables. 

Definitely other tables that could be used, but this one had some nice features with the right height and easy to swap out legs so I could keep using if construction was solid. There was also a great toy chest that can be used as a bench and stores/slides under the table. Nice edging that has activity holes in that make more useful. The installation was very straight forward; you’ll want a long #2 head phillips head screw driver and i wish i had known i could use a rubber mallet. Everything lined up mostly, but one edge needed some extra pressure.

The all wood components are very solid/well made and the final assembled table is perfect. The toy chest a great seat and also organized to make it useful with different compartments for storage. I’ll buy taller legs later when he gets older as they are very easy to swap out but solid when attached. Excellent customer service/responsiveness when inquiring about FedEx issue and everything resolved right away.


-Jake Moore

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