N80 Nilo Theasel magnetic dry erase

One of the main reasons I started Nilo Toys was due to the fact that the tables being offered at the time were TOO LOW to the ground!  As such, they did not allow my children to be comfortably seated while at play. We designed our Nilo Table to be the PERFECT HEIGHT, 19″ to the top of the play surface. Also, the frame design of the table was such that there was plenty of room under the table for storage and also for a child to be seated comfortably with their legs under the table. There are times when your child should be seated at the table:
• puzzles
• Play-Doh
• arts and crafts
• homework
• lego/duplo perhaps
• coloring books, reading, drawing, etc.
Honestly, I cannot imagine purchasing a table that did not allow seating, room under the table to allow it. Below, a photo showing this concept in action.


Below, you can see how Mitchell is seated while playing with a puzzle. Also, our N26 Storage Bins are under the table as well!  We designed the storage to be 8″ shy of going from front to back under the table. That 8″ was to allow for your child’s legs to be comfortably under the table! Genius…YES!


Finally, while many tables out there are quite low, great for perhaps your toddler 1-2 years of age, do they not grow like weeds!  Your child will outgrow that low table in a fraction of a time!  Meanwhile, your awesome investment in a Nilo® brand table will allow for years, decades of use, both for your children but also for your grandkids! Yep, our tables LAST FOR GENERATIONS! Buy Once, Buy Right, Buy Nilo today!


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