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There is a variety of different kinds of coffee game tables available. And depending on your needs, they all serve different purposes.

But when you’re looking for the best coffee table for gaming that will work great in your living room there are a few things that you should consider.

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Types of Tabletop Activities

When finding a coffee table for gaming you first need to consider the type of board games or activities you are playing.

Many people like to play specific games and build puzzles with their friends and family. Therefore, they need a table that is capable of accommodating the size of the activity and the number of people playing. 

Also, some tables are specifically for board games, while others are made specifically for games like foosball or pool.

So when choosing your gaming coffee table make sure to choose the one that is meant for your game. Most standard board games and puzzles will fit on all Nilo tables.

Board Game Coffee Table Features to Consider:

  • Recessed tabletop to keep game bits and pieces on the table
  • Dining Topper Cover to convert your game table to a coffee table & save your game for later
  • Building Materials (Hardwood, MDF, metal, glass etc.)
  • Strong design built to last
  • Easy-to-clean tabletop surface
  • Matches your home decor & styling
  • Just the right size
  • Available accessories (cup holders, card holders, felt gaming mats, flip shelves etc.)

Look for a Gaming Coffee Table with a Recessed Tabletop

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The Nilo Large Play Table comes coffee table height and offers a recessed tabletop to keep gaming pieces and other bits on the tabletop.

Having a recessed tabletop surface helps to keep gaming bits and other pieces like dice on the table.

This is our most popular table option and may be the right choice for you.

For larger tabletop games, such as RPG games, we recommend the Nilo Master Table featuring a 3′ x 5′ tabletop gaming surface with an adjustable vault depth. The legs on this table, however, are regular dining table height. 

Cover your Game or Puzzle

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Don’t forget to keep in mind that having a cover (dining topper) for your gaming coffee table is ideal to cover games or puzzles to come back to later. Luckily, we make dining toppers for all of our large tables (32″ x 48″, 3′ x 5′).

The Nilo Dining Topper add-on is great for protecting your game or puzzle to come back to later. It also protects your games or other activities from pets!

It also saves space by allowing you to cover your activity up, or simply to store other items.

This is great to take an eating break, or if you need to work on something else.

The tongue and groove joint on the dining topper helps prevent any food or liquids from spilling through to your game or activity.

Two toggle latches hold the dining topper tightly together to prevent any sort of movement.

Quality Construction & Design

table wood grain, natural wood, Nilo

Quality, versatility and value are three things that Nilo has focused on since the start.

The construction of Nilo play tables, gaming tables & coffee tables for gaming is strong and durable, which provides long-lasting playability. Made from solid hardwood, these tables are built to last. Just take a look at our reviews!

The tables also have a polyurethane coating finish for durability and gloss look.

Color choices for the Nilo board game coffee table include natural clear coat, which shows the true grain of the wood, and dark walnut.

Is a coffee table for gaming worth it?

The best way to know if a coffee table with game board is worth buying is whether it will match or complement the rest of your home and if it will provide an effective and large enough place in your home to take your board gaming and puzzle building experience to the next level.

You also, of course, want to make sure that the gaming table you choose is durable and long-lasting.

You don’t want to buy a coffee game table that will stand out like a sore thumb in your living room, not match other items in your house, will not fit the desired number of players, or will be incompatible with your desired gaming or puzzle activity.

That’s exactly why we offer a few different table options to meet your gaming needs in addition to the many great accessories!

The Perfect Table for You

Our tables can be used for all types of games from simple card games to more advanced role-playing games.

If you have ever wanted a unique gaming experience then you will love the unique design of these tables. Nilo tables can be used as a coffee table for gaming, a dining table, play table & more.

We offer multiple sizes and colors so that you can choose the perfect table for your activities.

We also offer different leg lengths for our play tables (18.5″, 24″, and 30″ legs). Nilo Legs will also fit the Gamer Table, however, you must drill new holes in the legs.

Nilo tables are very sturdy and durable with an easy-to-clean and care-for surface.

Shop for your perfect board game coffee table today!

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