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Nilo® Play Mat (Fits Large Play Table)

(3 customer reviews)

Large Multi-Use Graphic Play Mat for Kids.

“Buy Once, Buy Right, Buy Nilo®”

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Nilo® Play Mat (Fits Large Play Table)

(3 customer reviews)
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Product Description

Play Mat for Kids

  • Play mat measures 48″L x 32″W
  • Rounded corners
  • Incredible photo-realistic digital imagery (image may vary slightly)
  • Light-weight plastic, child-safe playmat
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to put on or take off any table
  • Useable on the floor, or any hard surface
  • Detailed graphics include roads, airstrips, trees, rocks, grass, beaches, and water!

play mat, activity mat, graphic mat, graphic play mat, play mats for kids Play Mat Features

Play mats for kids are great because they provide a fun and engaging surface for children to play, learn and create on. This play mat features a colorful and eye-catching designs that capture a child’s imagination and encourages creativity.

Additionally, this play mat for kids is easy to clean and durable, making it ideal for messy playtime activities like drawing, painting, and playing with toys.

Overall, this play mats for kids is a versatile and practical tool that can enhance a child’s learning and play experiences while providing parents with a practical and visually appealing surface for their children to interact with.

We designed this PLAY MAT to be used as a cross-platform, creative play space children will love to play on! Some features are listed below:


You’ll notice a long straightaway, great for a drag strip for Hotwheels cars, race cars, and the like. Or, you could use it as a landing strip for airplanes!


There are lots of dirt/rock paths to use Playmobile people, strollers, buggy but you can also use them as roadways for cars, jeeps, army vehicles, tanks, etc!


Great for animals…horses, cows, etc.  Also great for Playmobile people picnics, Indians, cowboys. Or, a battlefield!


Beautiful waterways allow for some boat usage, water crossings and bridges.

Paved Roads

You’ll note that the roadways all work!  They actually can be USED!  If you look at other play boards or play mats out there you’ll find that the roads go just a short distance and then stop! They are sort of useless. With our design, the paved roads and also pebbled trials are all usable, drivable, allowing for more fun, more creativity!

What surface is the playmat good for?

You can use this Play Mat on any flat surface, preferably a hard surface such as a table or floor. However, rotating toys and activities on our play tables so that you maximize its’ use and utility is what we highly recommend. The mat is about 3/32″ in thickness, it weighs just 3 lbs, and it is very easy to place on our tables plus remove it. You can roll the play mat up to store it (note, you’ll have to reverse roll it to get it to lay flat in this case).

Although it can work on carpet, if you push down on it, place your knee on top of the mat it will bend or sink there so it is best used on a hard surface. There is also a protective coating on the Play Mat. The graphics are dazzling, you’ll love it!

Note: These mats for kids come rolled up so you must reverse roll them or place them on a flat surface in the sun for a few minutes to flatten.

3 reviews for Nilo® Play Mat (Fits Large Play Table)

  1. Wesley

    I inherited a large activity / train table from a neighbor. The table was covered with paints, sharpie ink and pencil marks. I got the table because my daughter is expecting and I thought it would be a great gift. So I refinished the table and then was looking for accessories. I found the Nilo play mat – great quality, bright graphics and a perfect fit for my table. When that arrived I found out about the Nilo Duplo / Lego bases. I bought four – two blue, two green for land and sea -that again fit the table perfectly. I tried to get my wife to let me order some Duplos so I could play, but she said I had to wait. The Nilo products were great and really added immeasurably to the activity table. Great company with nice folks. Thanks.

  2. Wes (verified owner)

    I needed a replacement play mat for an older table now ready for the new grandchild. Perfect! Colorful, perfect fit, appears durable – although the grandkid will put it to the final test!

  3. Nana Sandra

    Many wonderful hours of playtime with this mat.

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