Gaming Table Topper


Includes a Roll-Out Felt Gaming Table Topper with a top quality nonslip neoprene rubber backing in your color choice of light grey, red, green or blue.
Available Sizes:
32″x 48″ – Fits Nilo Gamer Table & Large Childrens Play Table
3′ x 5′ – Fits Nilo Master Table

Product Description

Board Gaming Table Topper by Nilo®

Gaming Table Topper Description

What’s Included?

Includes a Soft Roll-Out Gaming Table Topper that is a premium felt-like mat with a top-quality nonslip neoprene rubber backing in your color choice of light grey, red, green, or blue.

Nilo Gaming Table Topper Features & Benefits

Available Board Gaming Table Topper Sizes:

32″x 48″ – Fits Nilo Gamer Table & Large Childrens Play Table
3′ x 5′ – Fits Nilo Master Table

Listed Features:

  • Soft & durable felt-like polyester top (easier to clean than felt)
  • Sound deadening
  • Non-slip neoprene backing
  • Reduces friction & impact
  • Protects hardwood tabletop surface
  • Improves gaming & puzzle experience
  • Makes picking up cards, bits, and pieces easy
  • Will not ravel nor fray with the quality sewn edge
  • Folds or rolls up easily for convenient storage
  • Cleanable material with a soft brush or a damp cloth

board gaming table top

Improves Board Gameplay & Activities

This is a top-quality roll-out board gaming mat that fits snug on the Nilo Gamer Table, Nilo Master Table & Large Nilo Play Table and is perfect for playing Poker, Cards, Mahjong, Board Games, Tile Games and other activities like building puzzles.
This soft game table topper also allows you to easily pick up your cards, bits, and pieces! Who likes using their nails to pick up gaming cards and other pieces!? Not us!

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Protects Your Table Surface

The Nilo roll-out board game table topper is the perfect addition to your Nilo table as it provides more fun and protects your hardwood tabletop surface from friction and impact caused during gameplay or other activities.

Reduces Noise

Not only that, but the Nilo gaming table topper also features a neoprene backing that reduces the noise of the game bits and pieces as you place and throw them on the table, contributing to your board game or puzzle experience!

Non-slip Backing

The underside of the game table topper grips onto the surface of the table, preventing it from slipping & sliding on your table.

Ease of Gameplay

The soft cushioned table topper material makes picking up cards from the table easy.

Looking for a table meant for gaming, puzzles, or other tabletop activities?

We offer several top-quality table options that are perfect for your gaming, puzzle, and tabletop activity needs and have been proven to last generations.

Have you ever had bits, pieces, or dice fall off of your table? If so, check out our gaming tables & play tables that can also convert into dining or coffee tables! All gaming tables come with a board game table topper of your color choice. The Nilo Dining Topper add-on allows for you to cover your game, puzzle, or other activity taking place on the roll-out gaming table topper.

Check out our Gaming Tables and Play Tables for more information.


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Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Mat Size

3' x 5', 32" x 48"

Mat Color

Blue, Green, Light Gray, Red

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