We offer many sheets are that are FREE and cover a wide range of topics (We’re also continuing to grow our list of FREE printables)! You can choose one to use in your home, or download one to your computer for a quick and easy lesson. You can also print out these free printables that you can laminate and keep for years.

Here are five FREE Spot the Difference activity worksheets for you to have fun with. Basically, there are two similar images on each worksheet that are one over the other. There are a number of differences between the main photos (top and bottom) that you will need to spot.

On the right-hand side of the worksheet, there is a number that states how many differences there are on that particular worksheet.

You can also flip the worksheet over to view the smaller upside-down image that shows where all the differences are. This is a great activity not only for children but for families as well!

Need a Place for Activities?

Nilo play tables are the perfect place for many types of kids activities, especially worksheets!

From featuring a long-lasting solid hardwood design and offering unique versatility, you really can’t go wrong with a Nilo play table for kids. They’re not only great for kids activities such as using worksheets, the Nilo building brick baseplates, or Nilo theasel, but also for puzzles, board games and other activities. Plus, you can cover the activity to come back to later with the Nilo dining topper!

  • Product on sale
    Kids stool, wooden childrens stool, stool for kids, kids seat
    Wooden Childrens Stool
  • toy box, storage bin for toys, storage bin, toy bin, kids storage bin box
    Nilo® Roll-Out Storage Bin
  • toddler table for kids, kids table, kids play table, activity table for kids, play tables, playing table, toy table for children, toy table for kids, best toy table, best play table
    Large Nilo® Multi-Activity Childrens Play Table NO HOLES …..(on backorder until end of Aug.)
  • Toy Slide Hammer 'N Nails Set
    Toy Slide Hammer ‘N Nails Set
  • blue and green lego base plate, blue and green lego board
    Two Green & Two Blue Nilo® Baseplates (Compatible with Lego/Duplo®)
  • art easel for kids, easel for kids, best easel for kids, easel for toddlers, kids easel,
    Art Easel for Kids | Puppet Theatre | Dry Erase | Felt Board | Nilo Theasel
  • Nilo-Nails™ | Toy Nail Set for Kids (40 pieces)
    Nilo-Nails™ | Toy Nail Set for Kids (40 pieces)
  • toy storage caddy, storage for toys, hang toy cars, car hanger
    Nilo® Caddy
  • toy storage chest, toy chest, storage bin chest, wooden toy chest for kids, toy chest for children
    Toy Chest for Children
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