lego baseplate, lego board, lego base plate
lego baseplate, lego board, lego base plate

Among the benefits of a Lego board for kids are improved spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and perseverance. Children will learn how to follow directions and plan their creations. They will also develop perseverance, creativity, and self-esteem while improving their attention span as they build and rebuild their creations. So, what are the benefits of a Lego board for kids? Let’s find out! Here are some of the most common benefits.

Building on a Lego Board Develops Spatial Awareness

The most obvious benefits of building with LEGOs are the fun and educational aspect – the child will learn about proportions and patterns and develops spatial awareness. The studs on the board provide an evenly spaced grid perfect for making all sorts of patterns and builds. It also improves fine motor skills, such as coordinating small muscles of the hands and fingers to line the bricks up with the studs. Children will learn to follow instructions and use their imaginations to create something that is both unique and functional. Building with LEGOs also helps kids develop their problem-solving and goal-setting skills.

Unlike other forms of play, playing with construction toys can help children increase their spatial awareness. According to a recent study by the University of Colorado Boulder, children who play with construction toys exhibit better spatial awareness than those who do not. The study analyzed the effects of various factors including age, gender, and college major to arrive at conclusions. The findings were highly significant. While LEGOs are not a substitute for actual construction work, they do provide an excellent environment for learning and building.

Building on Lego Boards Helps Children Develop Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are necessary for your child’s overall development. As a child grows, their muscles become stronger and they can perform more complex tasks. There are many simple toys that help strengthen a child’s smaller muscle groups. One such toy is a Lego board. Lego boards are great not only for building spatial awareness and fine motor skills, but they are also great for moving builds. Rather than taking the risk of carrying a Lego or Duplo build, you can simply pick up the large Nilo board and move your project with ease to a different location. The following tips will help you choose the best Lego board for your child. These tools also help your child to develop hand-eye coordination.

A Lego board is one of the most popular toys for young children, especially those who are learning to use tools. It requires precise, small movements, which are key for developing fine motor skills. In addition to strengthening fine motor skills, building with LEGOs tests a child’s spatial intelligence. These skills are critical for thinking like an artist or engineer. In addition to building things, they develop cognitive skills. These are skills that are useful for future academics as well.

Helps Children Develop Perseverance

Using a Lego board for learning is a great way to help your child build perseverance. When it comes to studying for exams, persistence is a virtue that is essential to success. Kids can learn this valuable life lesson through play, and it will benefit them in many areas of their lives. These lessons are fun, too. In fact, your child will probably even ask for them in the future. Listed below are some benefits of playing with a Lego board.

Playing with Lego builds attention span and concentration. While a toddler may only play with the board for five minutes at a time, this amount of time increases as they grow older. The more actively your child plays, the better. A child who is immersed in an activity has an improved attention span and is able to plan and prioritize tasks. It also develops early technology and engineering skills. Even toddlers can master the skill of perseverance through play. Lego boards offer a place to keep Lego creations to come back to later, which is great to ultimately for finishing the project! Finishing projects and figuring out problems is fulfilling and will encourage kids to build and learn more as time goes on.

Building with Legos Encourages Creativity

Using a Lego board for kids encourages creativity because it provides an endless canvas for your child to work with. Kids love to assemble and build with LEGOs and combining them together is a great way to encourage story-telling. You may be surprised to discover that many kids already have a box full of unassembled pieces from previous LEGO sets. By using these to create something new, your child will begin to see success as creating something different than they were previously aware of.

LEGOs are incredibly versatile and allow children to use their imagination in beneficial ways. They encourage children to follow instructions and to use their own creative skills to create something completely new. The process of building something from Legos develops children’s spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and coordination. Legos help children learn the concept of symmetry, which can be valuable later in life.

A Lego Board can Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Legos also foster children’s problem-solving and emotional capabilities. Using a Lego board, kids can make mazes or create other fun activities to make a fun problem-solving game. A good way to encourage problem-solving is to include the other children in the activity. Through trial-and-error experiments, children develop problem-solving abilities by identifying multiple solutions. These skills are important for success in school and the rest of their lives. It’s the perfect activity for children to do at home and promotes creative thinking. These skills also encourage collaboration and cooperation among other members of the family.

Benefits of a Nilo Baseplate (Compatible Lego board / Duplo board)

In addition to the benefits of Lego boards mentioned above, Nilo baseplates have even more benefits! Some benefits include the 2-in-1 feature (which we’ll explain below) size, mobility, and quality.

Where are the baseplates made? Are they safe?

Lets start with the fact that our Block Mats, or baseplates are MADE IN THE USA! That’s right, we make them right here in the US to provide safe non-toxic top-quality products, support the US economy, and provide very fast shipping.

Nilo baseplates are injected plastic and not pressure-formed or silicone making Nilo’s plates higher quality as they will last longer. Quality matters to us so we chose the best way to make this product.

2-in-1 Double-sided Boards

Note that building on the larger Duplo studs is much easier for children at a young age and as they grow older they will eventually move on to the smaller Lego studs.

In the case of our Nilo® brand baseplates, you get BOTH Lego & Duplo compatibility uses from JUST ONE baseplate thanks to them being 2-Sided! Rather than starting with Duplo plates, then having to buy Lego plates later, you will get both uses out of just one Nilo plate, hence, saving you money in the long run! This feature also helps to save space by having a 2-in-1 plate.

Size & Mobility

Nilo baseplates measure 12″ x 32″ each….they are very LARGE baseplates and great for all types of Lego or Duplo building projects. You can easily pick up the baseplate with your project on it and move it elsewhere to come back to later.

Some toy tables have permanent Lego or Duplo surfaces attached to the table or are attached to a thick, heavy tabletop that is not reversible and is also not easy to move & store. If you’re looking for a great Lego compatible play table, then you should look at our small & large Activity Tables for Kids. Nilo baseplates fit snug on the tabletop surface and are easily removable for other activities.

Get a Lego board that is Hand Washable

Nilo baseplates are easily removable from any tabletop surface and very easy to clean! We recommend simply using soap and water to clean the baseplates by hand.

Get Your Nilo Baseplates Today!

If you’re looking for top-quality base plates that will last for generations, then you’re in the right place. Check out all of our baseplates by clicking the button below!

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