outdoor scavenger hunt for kids

We offer many sheets are that are FREE and cover a wide range of topics (We’re also continuing to grow our list of FREE printables)! You can choose one to use in your home, or download one to your computer for a quick and easy lesson. You can also print out these free printables that you can laminate and keep for years.

Here is a FREE Summertime scavenger hunt for you and your kids to enjoy!

There are numerous pictures or items on the worksheet that you can spot outdoors. Just like bingo, the goal is to get four in a row to win. If you want to take it to the next level, cross out two full lines!

This is a great activity for all family members to enjoy. Download link below.

Need a Place for Indoor Activities?

Nilo play tables are the perfect place for many types of kids activities, especially worksheets!

From featuring a long-lasting solid hardwood design and offering unique versatility, you really can’t go wrong with a Nilo play table for kids. They’re not only great for kids activities such as using worksheets, the Nilo building brick baseplates, or Nilo theasel, but also for puzzles, board games and other activities. Plus, you can cover the activity to come back to later with the Nilo dining topper!

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