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Two Green Nilo® Baseplates (Compatible with Lego/Duplo®)

(14 customer reviews)

“Great size and cost for being large plates. Love that these are made in the USA!” – Grant

Includes Two Large Green Double-sided Nilo baseplates compatible with Lego bricks & Duplo blocks, 24″ X 32″ total play area!

(Lego® is a registered trademark of LEGO A/S, LEGO Juris A/S and LEGO System A/S (collectively but not exclusively “the LEGO Group”). Nilo is not endorsed or sponsored by the Lego Group.


Two Green Nilo® Baseplates (Compatible with Lego/Duplo®)

(14 customer reviews)

Product Description

Green Nilo Brand Baseplates (Compatible as Lego Base Plates | Duplo Base Plates)
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Two GREEN 2-Sided Nilo Base Plates / Compatible with Duplo Lego Base Plates. Includes TWO double-sided Nilo plates,
24″ X 32″ total play area. 


• Each baseplate Measures 12″ W x 32″ L (24″ X 32″ combined play surface)

Made in USA!

• Made of rigid plastic

• Compatible with Lego® bricks & Duplo® blocks! (Lego on one side & Duplo on the other)

• Two (2) base plates fit on our Small Block Table

• Four (4) base plates fit on our Large Multi-Activity Tables

• One (1) base plate fits on our Multi-Use Toy Chest

• No assembly required!

About Nilo Base Plates

These Nilo brand Lego base plates (compatible with Lego and Duplo) are perfect for all sorts of brick building projects. No assembly is required, they come ready to use! They’re a great foundation for toy-building activities and are large (12″ x 32″) to take your creativity to the next level!

In addition, the large size of the Nilo compatible Lego plate design allows you to easily move large projects. Your child may start a project on the mat sitting on the table, then you may remove the mat with a project on it to use the table for another use…then later simply place the Block Mat with the project back onto the tabletop and continue to build! The smaller 12″ x 12″ regular Lego base plates just don’t cut it for mobility and versatility. Plus, for larger projects, having multiple Lego Duplo base plates can be a mess and impractical while having one large Nilo base plate allows you to lay out all of your builds exactly how you’d like them on the large Nilo plate.

The green base plate color is perfect for emulating grass or greenery when constructing a Lego or Duplo brick building with an outdoor scene.

Furthermore, our Nilo double-sided Lego Duplo compatible baseplates convert the Nilo childrens play table for Lego Table and/or Duplo Table use. These play tables for kids are truly the best Lego compatible tables for toddlers to have all sorts of fun with both Lego and Duplo building bricks.

Are Nilo Base Plates (Compatible Lego Plates / Duplo Plates) washable?

Yes! The Nilo Lego Duplo compatible baseplates are easily washable and easy to clean since they weigh only 2 pounds. Many Lego tables are permanently attached to the tabletop; There is no way to wash the Block Mat (baseplates).

Precision Nilo Base Plates

The importance of precision is key. Other base plates on the market may not allow the blocks to “fit snugly” or “snap” onto the Lego or Duplo compatible side of the base plates…but OURS DOES plus you get two functions with just one base plate (compatible with both Lego & Duplo)!

These plates are also made right here in the USA!

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a Lego plate (baseplate compatible with Legos) or Duplo plate (baseplate compatible with Duplos), these Nilo base plates work with both! There is no substitute for quality & versatility.

14 reviews for Two Green Nilo® Baseplates (Compatible with Lego/Duplo®)

  1. Grant

    Great size and cost for being large plates. Love that these are made in the USA!

  2. Rebecca

    Base plates are great for improving your play experience while also helping cleanup, especially when they’re this big! Awesome product, thank you!

  3. Thomas

    This was a great purchase for a few reasons: (1) it was shipped the day after I ordered it, (2) the price is great for what you get (the base plates are huge!), and (3) the color is nice plus Lego & Duplo bricks work perfectly on them! Definitely recommend these base plates.

  4. Mike C.

    I was honestly surprised as to how great these baseplates work with both Lego and Duplo bricks. So far I’ve had no issues and they’re working great! I think they’ll be getting some heavy use for years to come.

  5. Julie

    These work perfect for my large Lego construction builds being 12″x32″; Much larger than any other I’ve seen on the market. Highly recommend!

  6. Sara

    I got two baseplates and they both work great. My son plays almost every day on them and his sister can’t help but join the fun. Great product!

  7. Chase

    These are perfect for my Lego builds and are not flimsy like most other plates that I’ve had. These base plates provide a very nice foundation for my Lego builds and feel quality.

  8. Michael H.

    These green base plates fit very nicely on my play table and so far my kids are loving it. Thanks Nilo!

  9. Bryan

    Just what I expected, another great product from Nilo! These plates work awesome and my family is loving them. Might need to get more soon!

  10. Ashutosh B

    I bought the base plate pair for duplo a couple of years back and they are still going strong.

  11. Jonathan C

    Great addition for the table. Adds much needed versatility.

  12. Gretchen K

    I love how these plates are an exact fit to the Nilo table and that they reverse from Duplo to LEGO. The exact fit to the Nilo table creates one of the largest building surfaces for kids who love building brick constructions.

  13. Tricia Cutcher

    So nice and easy to put on the table and change from train to legos. Love NILO!

  14. Chris

    These baseplates are great to use with Legos/Duplos. We bought them for our grandson so we can build cities with all his Lego/duplos. He loves them and so do we. They are much better than other plates we have tried. I found them by accident by searching on the web.

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