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Raises train or car tracks on and off of the Nilo table!

Includes pillars, bridges & extensions for all types of toy tracks.



(1 customer review)
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Product Description

Nilo Jax

  • Includes 64 pieces (3 types)
  • Create unlimited train track, car track, or other track layouts!
  • Can extend toy tracks off the edge of your toy table
  • Can stack tracks several layers up
  • Recommended age is 5 and up. contains chokeables!
  • Compatible with almost every type of toy that uses a track
    • Perfect for toy car tracks, toy train tracks, marble runs, and more!

Don’t have a Toy Table yet?

Check out the Nilo large toy table for kids. Perfect for all types of toy tracks. If you’re looking for something smaller, check out the small toy table for kids. Both tables work magnificently for all types of tabletop activities from legos, to worksheets, board games to puzzles, & more.

1 review for Nilo-Jax™

  1. Nana Sandra

    Sorry to find these sold out. Great building choice for tracks and rails.

    • Nile

      These will be back in stock after Thanksgiving! Thanks for your interest! NILO

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