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Fiddlestix 144 piece set.


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Fiddle Stick Nilotoys We continue to seek out compatible toys and activities that will work with the holes on our table, classic toys that will always be great for your children to play with! These Fiddlestix can be placed into the HOLES in our table with holes for an AWESOME play activity! It has been known that some of our customer’s kids have made giant swinging sledge hammers to knock over Lego/Duplo brick houses and buildings! Perhaps you shouldn’t share this idea with you children! ! !

  • Timeless toy that has inspired children’s creativity and imagination for generations
  • Made of hard wood with a paint-free finish
  • Stimulates basic building techniques with endless building possibilities
  • Includes 144 colorful rods and connectors and easy to follow instructions
  • Use them on our tables with holes, use them on our Toy Chest! Build from our table…to the Toy Chest…to the floor! Make a ferris wheel off the edge of our table! Just a few thoughts!
  • Recommended for children 4 years of age and older


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