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10 Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Indoor activities for toddlers are not only fun, but they also promote physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Here are some indoor activities that can help your toddler grow and have a great time: Overall, indoor activities for toddlers can be fun and educational, while promoting physical, cognitive, and emotional development. By engaging in these activities, you can help your toddler grow and have a great time in the process. If you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece for play, you’re in luck! Any Nilo play…

Engaging STEM Activities for Kids

8 Engaging STEM Activities for Kids that Will Foster Curiosity  Like Never Before

Nowadays, STEM-based careers are the go-to for the fastest growing, most lucrative industries. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These four disciplines are being used in more industries than ever before, leading to a boom in opportunities to be involved in these areas. STEM activities for kids are the perfect way to get your child going in the right direction. But one key component has been largely overlooked: kids! Now is the perfect time to encourage children’s interest and curiosity…

how to teach telling time to your kids, teaching time to children, how to tell time, how to read a clock

7 Great Ways To Teach Telling Time To Your Kids

Learning to tell the time is often tough for kids, but it’s a skill that they will need to master. Luckily, thereare lots of great ways that you can help them with it and have fun too! Here are some great ways to helpteach kids time telling skills that they’ll be sure to enjoy.

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How to Decorate For Back to School

Need help decorating for back to school? We’ve got some ideas! Making a functional and stylish place to do homework is a great idea for making a school-friendly homework environment. For the walls, you can hang inspirational posters and resource charts. You can even hang a bulletin board with borders or an alphabet before the first day of school. Another fun way to decorate is to hang an anchor chart. A teacher’s first anchor chart will probably be the class rules and procedures, but…

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What Is Montessori Parenting?

When it comes to discipline, what is Montessori parenting? Montessori parents believe in using natural consequences to teach children right from wrong. This means that misplacing a toy, for example, will lead to fewer pieces of food at meal time. Similarly, throwing food on the floor will mean less food during playtime. This way, children can learn why certain actions are bad and what they should do instead. Montessori Meaning One of the hallmarks of Montessori parenting is that children are encouraged to explore…

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5 Benefits of Independent Play for Kids

The benefits of Independent Play are plentiful and include: Creative development, problem-solving, developing interests and skills, confidence, attention span, and more. Here are some simple suggestions for your child’s play time. Read on to learn more about the benefits of independent play. Also, be sure to share your own ideas with your child! He or she may be able to find something new in everything that he or she sees around the house.  Independent Play & Creativity Intentional play is an important denominator in…

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Fathers Day Superdad Printable for Kids

We offer many sheets are that are FREE and cover a wide range of topics (We’re also continuing to grow our list of FREE printables)! You can choose one to use in your home, or download one to your computer for a quick and easy lesson. You can also print out these free printables that you can laminate and keep for years. Here is a FREE superdad printable for you and your kids to enjoy! This is a great activity for all family members to enjoy. Download link…

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Teaching Your Toddler the Alphabet – Letter Activities For Toddlers

You might be wondering how to start teaching your toddler the alphabet. Below you’ll find some tips for teaching your child the alphabet plus get letter activities for toddlers. We’ll also provide some free activity ideas for letters a, b and c to get you started! In addition, you can also find fun activities for toddlers that focus on fine motor skills. These activities can be fun and rewarding for both parents and toddlers. So get out your finger-paints and your paintbrush! The possibilities…