Engaging STEM Activities for Kids

8 Engaging STEM Activities for Kids that Will Foster Curiosity  Like Never Before

Nowadays, STEM-based careers are the go-to for the fastest growing, most lucrative industries. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These four disciplines are being used in more industries than ever before, leading to a boom in opportunities to be involved in these areas. STEM activities for kids are the perfect way to get your child going in the right direction. But one key component has been largely overlooked: kids! Now is the perfect time to encourage children’s interest and curiosity…

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5+ At Home Activities For Preschoolers

At-Home activities for preschoolers can help your child develop their fine motor skills. Some ideas are a Paper plate alphabet game, Letters collage, cup stacking, and Singing and dancing. These activities can help your child learn letters, numbers, and shapes. They can also help your child develop their imagination. Paper plate alphabet game for preschoolers If your child loves to trace, you can make this paper plate alphabet game at home. This activity is perfect for young children and only requires a few basic…

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7 Great Ways To Teach Telling Time To Your Kids

Learning to tell the time is often tough for kids, but it’s a skill that they will need to master. Luckily, thereare lots of great ways that you can help them with it and have fun too! Here are some great ways to helpteach kids time telling skills that they’ll be sure to enjoy.