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Ways to Teach Your Child Math With LEGOs

There are a number of ways to teach your child with Legos, or even teach your child math with Legos. For instance, you can write the letters of the alphabet on the pieces and have your child build words using them, then count how many are in each word. Pienky Du Toit suggests using the pieces to create word patterns. Tricia Armstrong suggests creating pictures of things in your child’s bedroom or playing room using Legos. These activities are great for teaching your child…

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Why Nilo?

Looking for a versatile activity play table & accessories that will last for generations? Here’s three reasons why you should choose Nilo!

Happy Nilo Customer

Nilo Toys Activity Play Table Customer Review!

Happy Nilo Customer Photos & Review: My almost 3-year old loves trains, and I did quite a bit of research looking for a table where we could build a wooden train set. I was looking for something that was eco-friendly, solid and could also be used if he takes a train break. After doing my standard amazon/google searches with the most recent reviews/info, i found a blog updated in 2018 on play-trains where there was some good information on Nilo and other tables.  Definitely…