Star Reviews on our website.

I’ve only been at this since September, 1994! I haven’t had time to deal with social media and such, ha ha. I just sent out an email to some of our consumers requesting that they give our product a Review. This is why you see so many reviews posted at this time. If I had only started doing this in 1994!

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2 thoughts on “Star Reviews on our website.

  1. Loved these products, website, and customer service. All made in US and top quality products. I’d rather pay more and get a product that is top quality and lasts for years.

    Rating: 5.00/5. From 1 vote.
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  2. Very pleased with the quality of Nilo products. Purchased a table with Lego mats, stools, Theasels and bin for our grandchildren. The parents love all of these items as much as our grandchildren enjoy using them. Looking forward to adding to the fun with our next purchase of the building pieces and other accessories.

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