Phasing out Colored product.

We at Nilo are always trying out new things. Offering our furniture lines in different colors was an idea we thought we’d try out. While we did sell a fair amount of product in the other colors we have decided to simplify and just offer our Natural, Clear Coat line going forward. We have also decided to continue to offer our “NO HOLE” tables for those that just don’t see the benefit of having holes in the framing for our accessories. We sold out of our NO HOLE tables, however we sell 20 to 1 “WITH HOLE” tables… and also our smaller N34 tables in Natural…both WITH HOLES and also WITHOUT HOLES, as well as our N26 Storage Bins….we will have these items again by April. Thank you for your purchases, support and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! Many thanks! Nilo Toys. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT NILO…WE ARE A SMALL PRIVATELY OWNED COMPANY AND COULD USE YOUR BOOST!

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