N65s Graphic Play Mat is now Back in Stock !

Its been quite a while since we’ve had these in stock. Were super glad to be able to offer these once again to our wonderful customers!

We have decided to offer these two ways:
1) Buy it separately, $45 plus some shipping.
2) Buy it along with an N51 series table for $35, no added shipping cost to you, we insert it into the table top box.

We had no idea as to when these would come in, we worked with a new supplier. There are also shipping issues these days at the port and other things so if you recently purchased a table from us we apologize for the inconvenience of not having this mat included with your purchase and saving a few dollars. We cannot afford to ship out this product on its own due to the cost of shipping, which is why we are offering it two different ways now. Thank you in advance for your understanding with this situation, we really appreciate it.

Please also note our N30, 30″ leg sets being available now in Natural Clear Coat…this is the only finish we are offering now other than what is left of our N34D Dark Mahogany small tables…a few left.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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