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Please note, we would like you to support your local specialty toy store, however, we also know that not all stores carry Nilo product and/or all our products. As such, we are glad to help you in any way we can. The bottom line is, your needs will be met. We are here to serve you, our very important customer. No one should be denied our fine, top quality goods! Thanks in advance for your support!

TOY SAFETY: We've added Certificates of Compliance on our products to inform you that they are in fact "safe" for your children to play with. You may see them at . Additionally, we are located in CA, the most strick environmental state in the union. As such, this adds another layer of safety to our products. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

All product is priced delivered to you, freight included. Sales tax is collected on CA shipments.


WE NORMALLY SHIP THE SAME DAY WE GET THE ORDER, so don't delay if you want to change your order or cancel may have already shipped. Freight is expensive so make sure you know what you are ordering before you click that button, or give us a call immediately and email us at if you need immediate assistance with your order!

Our site is a secure site. Second, we do not receive your credit card info, only the approval to ship. In order to refund a sale there will be a delay of a day or two. However, if a partial refund is needed we must collect the credit card info from you in order to refund a partial sale.

Stained product: Please note, we now offer two stained colors. 1.) Honey Brown, a warm brown tone. and 2.) Dark Mahogany, a dark rich redish color normally associated with mahogany furniture.